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Classic Black Mustang at car show
Aug 11 2022

Best Modern Modifications For Your Classic Mustang

Upgrading your classic Ford Mustang to a modernized classic Mustang is a labor of love that you can be certain is worth it. You will undoubtedly put a...

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Aug 01 2022

2008-2021 Dodge Challenger Econotech & Maxtech Covers

    The EconoTech Car Cover by Onyx is a light, single-layer INDOOR cover that repels water and dirt but remains breathable. The model speci...

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Black C5 Corvette drifting
Jul 26 2022

The Top 7 Corvettes in Movies

Flashy, sleek and stylish — the Chevrolet Corvette has all the qualities needed to be a Hollywood star. And over the past half-century, it’s b...

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Yellow Mustang Saleen
Jul 22 2022

The Saleen Mustang Story 

The Ford Mustang Saleen evolved from one man’s passion for racing and vehicle performance into an auto phenomenon. Here, we’ll take a look...

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Jul 16 2022

1963-2013 Corvette Power Steering Pumps

  Available for the first time by the Corvette experts, CA’s new power steering pumps are not your “parts store” spec pump. We turned our engin...

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Blue Shelby Mustang with white stripes
Jul 15 2022

The Fastest Mustangs in the World

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular cars of all time. Born in the early 1960s, the Mustang went on to become a staple of the industry. While s...

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Jul 14 2022

1998-2004 Corvette Convertible Interior Waterfall Crossflag Emblem

When this emblem was recently discontinued by GM, the experts at CA worked to make this stunning GM Licensed reproduction emblem for C5 Convertible ow...

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Jul 12 2022

1997-2004 Corvette Interior Air Temperature Sensor Cover

    CA is proud to announce another great product for C5 Corvettes! This new reproduction Interior Dash Air Temperature Sensor Cover will help fill ...

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