C2 Corvette Accessories - 1963-1967

C2 Chevrolet Corvette Accessories

Decking out a second-generation (1963-1967) Corvette means you need stylish accessories. When your sports car is due for upgrades, look to Top Flight Automotive for direct-fit solutions. We’re here for you with a long list of interior and exterior C2 accessories.

Impressive Second-Gen Accessories

Top Flight Automotive covers all your bases with C2 Corvette accessories. All items in the second-gen collection are categorized for the best shopping experience. Sift through popular and niche add-ons for your vehicle with filtering menus.

We stock a range of reputable accessories for C2 systems and surfaces:

C2 Anti-Theft Accessories

You put time and effort into caring for your C2 Sting Ray. Take the extra step to keep trespassers and thieves out of your sports car with C2 anti-theft accessories. We stock several sensor and alarm options from Auto Accessories of America. Protect your sports car with technology that alerts you when anyone is getting too close to your ride while you’re away from it.

C2 Bumper Accessories

A heads-up is helpful when you’re driving your C2 Sting Ray close to curbs and objects. Top Flight Automotive brings you parking sensor upgrades you can fix to the front, rear and sides of your second-gen ‘Vette. Technology by Brand Motion can save you from dings across wheels, bumpers and exterior paint by giving you audible warnings.

C2 Car Covers

Protect your C2 Corvette during short- and long-term storage. Our catalog features exterior car covers with mirror pockets, fleece undersides, wind straps, anti-theft cables and locks.

Purchase C2 car covers solely designed for second-gen coupes and convertibles. Many listings available from Auto Accessories of America, Covercraft and CA leave room for mirrors and radio antennas.

Select C2 covers are intended for indoor use only. Check descriptions to see how many layers a cover is made with to protect from water, dirt, debris and wind. Get outer covers in taupe, black, blue, red, gray or pink.

Cruise Control Systems for C2 Corvettes

Second-generation Corvettes were made with manual transmissions. With Top Flight Automotive, you can add cruise control technology to retired Sting Rays from the 1960s.

Review the technology we carry from Rostra. Add an aftermarket cruise control system on Corvettes with a manually operated throttle. Select offerings ship with modules, wiring harnesses, clips and straps.

Second-Gen Corvette License Plate Accessories

Customize the front or rear license plate area on your C2 ‘Vette. Our catalog features several C2-inspired license plate frames with Sting Ray lettering scripts. Pick from chrome, gold, red and black license plate frames as well as decorative plates with Crossflags and other graphics.

Shop C2 Corvette Accessories Online

Shopping for C2 Corvette parts and accessories with Top Flight Automotive is the right choice. Ask us anything about second-generation Corvette upgrades and add-ons — we’ll gladly assist you.

We keep a wide range of components in stock, and we price match to ensure you get the best value. Purchase the C2 Corvette accessories you need today!

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