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Driving and maintaining a classic Corvette is more than just a hobby. It\'s a lifestyle, passed down for generations, and restoration projects help your ride look and handle better than ever. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we have a passion for all Corvette generations, but there is nothing quite like the C3.

Owning a C3 Corvette is a luxury and a privilege. This model offers stunning performance and sleek style that is sure to turn heads. However, nothing lasts forever. Shop for Corvette upgrades, performance add-ons, maintenance products and more.

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands Family of companies, which has served the Corvette community for over 40 years. Trust us to keep your C3 Corvette in top shape for years to come.

History of the C3 Corvette Model

The C3 Corvette was introduced by Chevrolet in 1968 and continued in production through 1982. This third generation features an all-new redesigned body and interior style. Consumers loved this vehicle — and still do today — for its similarities to previous Corvette generations.

Much of the first C3 Corvette models carried over components from the C2. This included parts such as manual transmissions, suspensions, disc brakes and small-block/big-block V8 engines. The C3 Corvette stands as the longest running generation with a total of 15 years in production.

The 1970s and 1980s were an interesting time for the American car market, but the C3 Corvette progressed as a high-end performance vehicle. Constant changes in emission regulations forced Chevrolet into producing a variety of engine packages for the C3. From this model\'s first introduction to its final release in 1982, over a half million vehicles that were purchased contained more than a dozen different engine setups.

Owning a C3 Corvette is like preserving a crucial piece of American history. With a number of variants released during production years, you need an experienced team to guide you during restoration projects and ensure parts and accessories are compatible. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive is here for your C3 Corvette maintenance and performance needs.

C3 Corvette Parts, Accessories and Interiors

Whether you drive your C3 Corvette daily or take your favorite ride out for special occasions, turn to Top Flight Automotive — your one-stop shop for Corvette parts and accessories. We have the largest in-stock inventory for repairs, upgrades, care products and beyond. Shop by the following Corvette categories:

Our Corvette parts are engineered for your exact C3 model to keep you on the road for years to come. No parts are too large, small or niche for our online store. Some of our most popular replacement parts include:

Top Flight Automotive enables you to shop C3 Corvette parts by year for a perfect match. Our dozens of replacement parts are mapped out by category for your convenience. Plus at Top Flight Automotive, we speak fluent Corvette! Our experts can always recommend upgrades and maintenance replacement parts to help you achieve the restoration results you\'re looking for.

One of the best parts about owning a C3 Corvette is the classic interior. We manufacture a vast selection of Corvette interior products, all made in the USA, including:

  • Door Panels
  • Seat Covers
  • Dash Pads
  • Sun Visors
  • Armrests
  • And More

Corvette vehicles are known for their wide range of interior colors. Over the years, Chevrolet included signature finishes for seats, carpeting and panels, so we offer a color-code tool for identifying stock colors. Material samples are available upon request to ensure you\'re satisfied with your purchase.

C3 Corvette Performance Upgrades

If you\'re searching for Corvette performance upgrades, look no further than Top Flight Automotive. We are proud to bring our customers components for under the hood as well as exterior modification kits for reducing unwanted lift. Increase high-speed stability for your C3 Corvette with our aftermarket performance parts:

  • Aero Kits
  • Air Deflectors
  • Front Air Dams
  • Spoilers
  • Wings
  • Splitters

Top Flight Automotive also offers high-performance air intake and cooling systems to boost engine efficiency, horsepower and torque. Improving engine airflow is the first step toward throttle enhancements and a better overall driving experience. Installing aftermarket systems is straightforward when you work with Top Flight Automotive.

The Preferred Supplier of Corvette Parts and Accessories

A vintage C3 Corvette requires a professional set of eyes for components, parts and upgrades. As the top manufacturer and supplier of Corvette parts, interiors and wheels, Top Flight Automotive is your guide for any C3 project. Finding the restoration parts for your C3 Corvette can be challenging — our online store is your one-stop solution.

Our team has over 175 years of combined experience, and is ready to answer any questions about Corvette makes and models. Shopping for upgrades, performance add-ons, maintenance and car care products is easy with the help of our experts. When our customers need guidance, we provide timely solutions.

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