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Chevrolet Camaro Brakes

What’s one of the most important features of a performance vehicle? The answer we’re going for is the braking system. You’ve driven your Camaro on the road for some time, so now you’re ready to update your brakes in response to wear and tear.

Chevy Camaros have been equipped with V8 engines since the 1960s. These vehicles inspire you to eat, sleep and breathe racing, so you’ll want some responsive brakes to help slow you down. Trust Top Flight Automotive for Camaro brakes that work well for all applications.

Get Camaro Brakes Parts From the Best in the Industry

Our experts do a fantastic job filling the Top Flight Automotive store with Camaro brakes for commuting, racing and leisure driving. You might go with individual brake system parts or multi-piece kits to give your vehicle the stopping power you need. Compete or cruise the streets using brake parts engineered to withstand pressure and heat.

Other retailers carry Camaro brakes from one or two brands. We stand out from other businesses with solutions from an impressive list of names:

  • Auto Accessories of America
  • Dynacorn
  • Hurst
  • Leed Brakes
  • Lokar Performance Products
  • Painless Performance Products
  • Scott Drake
  • Wilwood Brakes

Chevy Camaro Parking Brake Assemblies

You should use your parking brakes every time you leave your vehicle on a steep incline. In most Camaros, the parking brake pedal is located down by your feet. The stock mechanism contains metal parts that can become brittle over time, and a replacement ensures your car always stays where you leave it.

You can replace your factory-original parking brake assembly with direct-fit solutions made by Dynacorn. Place these vehicle-specific products inside first-generation Camaros from the 1960s. Parking brakes help to protect valuable coupes and convertibles in your showroom from rolling on their own.

Camaro Parking Brake Pedal Pad Replacements

Camaro brake pedal pads offer extra grip. All vehicles had pedal pads included at the factory, but using the surfaces repeatedly can cause them to get covered in dirt. Change your original padding with factory-inspired upgrades from our store. Forget about your feet sliding off the parking brake pedal with rubber materials and outer trim pieces for sale.

We have parking brake pedal pads for the first- and second-generation Camaros. Check the compatible production years in product descriptions to ensure you purchase the correct parts.

Brake Caliper Covers for the Chevrolet Camaro

Brake calipers squeeze Camaro brake pads against rotors, creating friction that slows your vehicle down. A brake caliper is visible through wheel well openings, so drivers have some flexibility to get creative here.

Top Flight Automotive wants you to drive with style. Purchase our Chevrolet Camaro brake caliper covers made of polished stainless steel materials. Align the attachments with your stock calipers on a 2010-2013 coupe or convertible release.

Order Camaro Brakes From the Top Flight Automotive Store

Stock brakes on a performance car will need replacing at some point. Get all the components you need for an independent repair from Top Flight Automotive. You’ll find everything from Camaro brake pads and slotted rotors to master cylinder replacements in one place. Plus, we normally process and ship your order within the same business day.

Order our Camaro brakes now. Contact Top Flight Automotive with a question or message today.

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