C2 Corvette Brakes

C2 Corvette Brakes

Sports car fanatics from all over the world are on the lookout for C2 Corvettes. With their total redesign from the previous generation, these 1960s vehicles defined what it meant to have a “racing” appearance. If you’re fortunate enough to have a classic Sting Ray in your garage, you’re in for the ultimate behind-the-wheel experience, but you’re going to need a solid set of brakes to tame that big-block V8 sitting under the hood.

Like many parts of a vehicle, brakes call for routine maintenance and inspections. Select vehicles in the C2 lineup were famous for having over 245 horsepower, thrilling top speeds and an aerodynamic shape to cut through the air. Regardless of your driving applications, Top Flight Automotive is your go-to source for the following brake parts engineered for 1963-1967 releases:

  • Disc brake conversion kits
  • Full brake systems (front and rear)
  • Master cylinder replacements
  • Caliper kits
  • Rotors and brake pads
  • C2 Corvette brake line sets
  • Replacement O-Rings
  • Park brake components

About the C2 Corvette Braking System

The 1960s were an interesting time for the automotive industry. First-generation Corvettes featured drum brake systems from launch, and these components transferred over to early model Sting Rays. If you have a 1963 or 1964 C2 Corvette, your vehicle most likely contains drum brakes, as these were the industry standard at the time.

From 1965 on, Corvettes left the Chevrolet factory with 4-wheel disc brake systems for improved reliability and performance. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive supplies you with everything you need to regulate speed in all weather conditions. We can help to update your outdated drum brakes, replace pieces within a disc brake setup and introduce safe, modern braking technology to your vintage car.

C2 Corvette Disc Brake Conversion Kits

1963 and 1964 Corvette drum brakes rely on small shoes within a metal enclosure for braking. This design means professional restoration experts and mechanics must disassemble entire wheel assemblies just to get a closer look at brake condition, rust and fading sections. If your stock drum brake system is inconsistent, bring your ride into the modern era with one of our C2 disc brake system conversion kits.

Transform your C2 Corvette brakes for better response with everything in one bundle, including:

  • Mounting brackets.
  • GM calipers and pads.
  • Bearings.
  • Rotors.
  • Seals and hoses.
  • Updated dual master cylinder.
  • Proportioning valves.

Baer C2 Disc Brake System Upgrades

Top Flight Automotive connects customers to Baer Brake Systems technology. If your vehicle has stock disc brakes, you can update your C2 Corvette calipers and rotors with kits engineered to exceed factory specifications. Swap out original brake components for reinforced parts featuring forged billet aluminum, stainless steel hardware and slotted rotors in 11, 13 and 14-inch sizes.

Achieve an aggressive look for the race track with your choice of silver, black or red caliper finishes. Drivers might choose to upgrade their C2 Corvette brakes for the following benefits:

  • Track use
  • Boosting overall stopping power
  • Extending vehicle life
  • Safety improvements
  • Dissipating heat efficiently

Partner With Top Flight Automotive for C2 Corvette Brake Kits and Components

Top Flight Automotive specializes in parts and accessories for all Corvette generations. We’re proud to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies supplying premium components to the Corvette community for over 40 years. Browse our inventory for C2 Corvette brake lines, kits and complete braking systems today, and reach out online with any questions or inquiries.

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