Chevrolet Camaro Gifts

Camaro Gifts

Sports car collectors and racing fans alike can agree that the Chevy Camaro was a leading force behind the pony car movement of the 1960s. With the Ford Mustang gaining popularity across the United States at the time, engineers at Chevrolet knew they had to change the game with something that was compact, aggressive and thrilling to drive to compete in sales. The first-generation Camaro made its way to dealerships beginning in 1967 and enthusiasts have anticipated each series release with high expectations ever since.

If you or someone you know is passionate about the Camaro brand, Top Flight Automotive welcomes you to shop our collection of Camaro gifts for all ages. Our experts know that the Chevy Camaro is one of the most innovative and beloved pony cars of American history, so we give you the opportunity to purchase a variety of products to celebrate more than 50 years of groundbreaking models.

Why Buy Camaro Gifts From Top Flight Automotive?

Camaro owners are always searching for new ways to showcase Chevrolet pride. Camaro gifts on the Top Flight Automotive online store appeal to casual drivers as well as those who spend hours in the garage taking classic and modern cars to the next level.

Ordering Camaro gifts is a great way to prepare for birthdays, anniversaries and the holiday season, as we carry something for everyone. Only at Top Flight Automotive will you find merchandise with scripts, logos and color schemes from all six vehicle generations. Surprise a friend, colleague or family member with Camaro-inspired gift ideas in the following categories:

  • Apparel
  • Bottle openers
  • Bar stools and seating
  • Die-cast models and toys
  • Lapel pins
  • Mugs and glassware
  • Key chains
  • Garage wall clocks
  • Posters and signs
  • Decals

Camaro Apparel Items

Top Flight Automotive is your go-to store for men’s and women’s Camaro apparel. You can shop dozens of shirts displaying famous Camaro sports cars from the company’s inception forward. Men’s and women’s T-shirts are made with soft cotton materials for comfort with every wear.

Our store also features various long-sleeve options for men and women. Stay prepared for anything in the forecast when you gift our Camaro-themed jackets made by Auto Accessories of America. Most of our softshell jackets are available with durable zippers, foldable cuffs and microfleece linings. Similar to Camaro shirts, our Camaro jackets are decked out with memorable vehicle names and scripts stitched across the front.

Need a simple Camaro gift idea for work and casual settings? We offer Camaro hats and socks for sale, too. Find adjustable baseball caps and colorful socks featuring detailed Camaro lettering scripts. The Camaro hats and socks we sell are breathable for maximum comfort, and select styles are available in shades similar to your model.

Chevrolet Bottle Openers

The Chevy bowtie goes hand in hand with the Camaro. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we make it easy for drivers to dress up the home or garage with an assortment of hand-held and wall-mounted bottle openers.

Our selections brought to you by Auto Accessories of America keep the party going year-round. Kick back and relax with the ability to pop open your favorite beverage near your bar, porch or workstation. Chevrolet bottle openers are lightweight, durable and ideal in situations when a beer or soda does not have a twist-off cap.

Camaro-Themed Bar Stools

Need some extra seats for a trophy room, finished basement or automotive shop? Look no further than our inventory for Chevrolet bar stools that display bowtie logos, “super service” texts and racing-inspired imagery.

All bar stools by Auto Accessories of America come with step-by-step instructions for assembly. Stay comfortable for hours on end thanks to included footrests and supportive seat platforms. Top Flight Automotive bar stools are sold individually, so order multiple listings to complete your setup.

Top Flight Automotive also carries folding chairs with Camaro scripts on the backs. Set up Camaro folding chairs outdoors and store accessories easily with an included pouch. Most of our polyester designs are mildew-resistant and showcase armrests with mesh drink holders for convenience.

Camaro Die-Cast Cars and LEGO® Kits

Know a young one interested in performance vehicles? We’re your source for kid-friendly models and toys perfect for rainy days when you’re unable to head to the track.

Listings like the 2016 ZL1 Camaro Set provide children ages 7 and up with a closer look at racing variants of the current era. Select models by LEGO® come with nearly 200 pieces, rubber tires and a removable windshield for a long-lasting project the whole family can enjoy.

Chevrolet Camaro Lapel Pins

One of the best gifts for Camaro lovers is a lapel pin from the Top Flight Automotive store. Our lapel pins are timeless collector items that can be worn to the races or to club meetings with friends.

Whether your friend or family member enjoys getting behind the wheel of a specific model or is passionate about the Camaro brand as a whole, Top Flight Automotive sells lapel pins that will excite any fan. Not to mention, our selections are available in bold colors.

Celebrate Camaro vehicles and scripts seen from 1967 through the present day. Top Flight Automotive offers Camaro 50th Anniversary, ZL1, RS, SS and Special Edition lapel pins for almost any occasion. Pin these accessories to vehicle sun visors inside the cabin or attach them to jackets, backpacks and hats.

Chevy Camaro Coffee and Travel Mugs

Top Flight Automotive is home to numerous 16-ounce mugs for your morning cup of coffee. Pick out a racing design that catches your eye and benefit from features such as non-slip bottoms that help drinks stay in place for fewer spills. Please read product descriptions carefully for washing instructions.

Additionally, we introduce customers to Chevrolet travel mugs made with stainless steel materials to keep drinks at the perfect temperature–whether hot or cold–for extended periods. Our offerings from Auto Accessories of America make outstanding gifts for Camaro owners on the go. Secure liquids for long trips or your daily commute with products featuring the Chevy bowtie across outer surfaces. With their convenient design and fit, these travel mugs should fit your Camaro’s cup holder without issue.

Camaro Garage Wall Clocks

The Chevy Camaro has changed drastically with each generation. Starting out with 6.5 liter V8 engines in the 1960s, these collector cars would evolve to reach over 650 horsepower by the sixth-generation series. If you have a favorite Camaro generation, consider placing an order for one of our vintage-style garage clocks featuring iconic Camaros from the last five decades.

Garage clocks manufactured by Collectable Sign & Clock feature 1967-2017 Camaros with scenic backdrops. Display your dream car in the home or garage with performance vehicles in front of Chevy dealerships, 1960s gas stations, racetracks and more. Top Flight Automotive supplies decorative garage clocks with fan-favorite Camaro builds such as the 1968 SS, 1969 Z28, 2017 50th-Anniversary edition and the 2017 ZL1 for the sports car enthusiast in your life.

Our garage clocks look like they’re from the 1950s, but these offerings are built with updated electronics for safety and efficiency. Advantages of garage wall clocks by Collectable Sign & Clock include:

  • A 14-inch clock face.
  • Scratch-resistant outer surfaces.
  • Anti-yellowing imagery.
  • A power off/on switch on the cord.
  • A weight of just 5 pounds for mounting ease

Camaro Garage Sign Gifts

Camaro collectors often fill offices, garages and entertainment rooms with Chevrolet memorabilia. Those who want to decorate their home or workspace with wall hangings and artwork can rely on Top Flight Automotive for a wide range of collectibles.

Tin signs made by Auto Accessories of America feature the vintage Chevrolet logos seen in 1960s service stations. Create a welcoming environment in your workshop with pieces that fasten to the wall using minimal hardware. Visitors will be dying to know where you found Camaro wall décor at such an affordable price point. Be sure to browse our inventory for Camaro garage sign gifts, including options with handy hooks for hanging coats or tools.

Buy Camaro Gifts Easily From Top Flight Automotive

The sales representatives at Top Flight Automotive will be happy to help you with Camaro gift ideas during our hours of operation. We’re aligned with the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, which means we’re part of a team that’s been dedicated to the Chevy community for more than four decades.

Many Camaro gift orders can be processed and shipped the same day for your convenience. If you have questions about our offerings, complete a contact form to get in touch with us today!

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