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If you love sports cars, then you’ve definitely heard of the Chevy Camaro. Introduced to consumers back in 1967, the Camaro was an all-new vehicle designed with elongated hood and trunk areas, chrome trims and initial horsepower ranges starting at 140. Chevrolet’s overall goal with the Camaro was to compete with the highly successful Ford Mustang.

The Chevy Camaro is still a household name to collectors and restoration experts seeking an incredible behind-the-wheel experience. With their striking racing stripes and powerful V8 engines under the hood, Camaro models make excellent additions to your garage in any of their six different vehicle generations. If you recently acquired a Chevy Camaro, Top Flight Automotive is your go-to source for interior and exterior accessories available online.


Camaro accessories are the best way to give your vehicle some character, protect exterior surfaces and bring your favorite ride back to a factory-fresh condition. At Top Flight Automotive, our team consists of Chevrolet enthusiasts just like you, so we go out of our way to stock our online store with everything you need for customization projects and more. Browse our inventory organized by specific model years to discover compatible Camaro accessories in the following categories:

  • Indoor and outdoor car covers
  • Engine compartment accessories
  • Floor mats
  • Grille pieces
  • Lighting
  • Back window covers
  • Front-end nose masks
  • Trunk mats


Top Flight Automotive caters to Camaro releases of the past and present with protective indoor car covers. We’re proud to introduce customers to Onyx products made specifically for 1967-2017 models. Stretch one of our satin indoor car covers over your Camaro to instantly protect against dust particles, fingerprints, pets and insects.

Drivers can use Camaro indoor car covers in the home garage, showroom and workshop. Treat your investment with care, as our covers showcase a polyester blend that consists of breathable Lycra and Spandex for ventilation. All Onyx indoor car covers have a soft underside that gently rests along delicate surfaces across your Camaro.

Our Camaro indoor car cover listings will stay firmly in place thanks to custom mirror pockets and bottom hems. You’ll also receive a free storage bag and three-year warranty when you order from Top Flight Automotive.


In order to travel safely at night, you need powerful exterior lights. Top Flight Automotive connects customers to industry-leading manufacturers such as Morimoto for Camaro light kits. Whether your factory headlights are dim or you’re searching for an upgrade, we have plug-and-play LED replacements to illuminate objects in the distance.

Morimoto Camaro light kits feature polycarbonate lenses that install in less than one hour. There is virtually no need to cut or splice wires thanks to selections compatible with your factory connectors. Change out the lighting assemblies in your fifth or sixth-generation Camaro with options for headlights, taillights and fog lights.


Want to add racing-inspired accessories to your Chevy Camaro? Consider placing an order for back window covers that help your vehicle look like an authentic pace car. We have selections from Scott Drake that install over quarter window sections using tape and adhesives for a project that takes just moments to complete.


Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies serving the Chevrolet community for over 40 years. We are knowledgeable and passionate about all six Camaro generations, so give us a call during our normal business hours for more information about product compatibility and fitment. Order your Camaro accessories online today, or submit a contact form for more information.

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