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Ford Mustang Convertible Tops

For some of us, convertible sports cars are the only performance vehicles worth driving. When you choose a Mustang convertible, you know you’re in for an incredible experience, and you can put the top down for special occasions. A convertible is particularly fun during the warmer months, but it’s important to have a functional top in case the forecast changes.

Top Flight Automotive professionals have a passion for all Mustang releases. We’re car lovers just like you, and we’re dedicated to delivering you the best replacement parts and accessories. You’ll find the perfect Mustang convertible top for your ride on our store.

We Sell Mustang Convertible Top Assemblies and Parts

Whether your stock convertible top rips or you’re searching for individual hardware pieces, we can assist you. We’re proud to have over 350 Mustang top products within our inventory, and that number is constantly growing. Find complete convertible top assemblies and other hard-to-find products to keep your overhead cover in working condition.

Our experts take calls during normal business hours to steer you in the right direction toward products like:

  • Convertible top assemblies
  • Convertible top rails
  • Convertible top repair kits
  • Frame guide brackets
  • Latches
  • Screws and seals
  • Top boots
  • Window kits

Mustang Convertible Tops Protect Your Investment

Our convertible tops for sale ensure you have the best line of defense against environmental elements and anyone tampering with your pony car. Shield your seats, carpeting, dash surfaces, entertainment systems and other parts of the cabin when driving around town or putting your vehicle in storage.

Most of our Mustang convertible top replacement parts are based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. This reproduction means you can use the components you order without drilling, cutting or modifying sections of your Mustang. Use factory mounting holes to complete your installation.

8 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Mustang Convertible Top

Catching early signs of deterioration on your factory convertible top can save you from a drastic cleanup down the road. Luckily, Mustang soft top covers provide a fair share of warning signs when they need replacement or repair. Review the information below to determine whether you require new Mustang top components. If you notice any of these issues, you may need to upgrade your mustang top:

  1. There are visible holes in your current soft top.
  2. You see that cabin carpets are wet after rainstorms.
  3. The color of your convertible top is fading.
  4. Pockets of mold and mildew are present along your Mustang top.
  5. Your Mustang convertible top appears to sag when in the closed position.
  6. The inside of the cabin is louder than normal because wind can enter.
  7. It’s difficult to operate automatic or manual Mustang top mechanics.
  8. Your Mustang convertible top frame bends due to a collision.

Mustang Soft Top Components You Can Trust

The Top Flight Automotive team is a group of passionate Mustang enthusiasts, so we know which brands drivers trust. Only the best products on the market are good enough for your Mustang, so we stock convertible tops and corresponding parts from manufacturers known for their attention to detail like:

  • ACP
  • Auto Accessories of America
  • Daniel Carpenter
  • Distinctive Industries
  • Dynacorn
  • Kee Auto Top
  • Mr. Mustang
  • Scott Drake
  • TMI Products

1964-1973 Classic Mustang Top Parts

Our team knows the value of Classic Mustangs. If you operate a first-generation Mustang convertible, we can help you find replacement parts modeled after Ford components from the 1960s and 1970s.

Rebuild your 1964-1973 Classic Mustang soft top to draw attention to your showroom vehicle. We have what you need to bring your ride back to life. From Classic Mustang convertible top frames and header assemblies to plastic window sheets and weatherstripping, our offerings work on your vehicle out of the box.

1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang Soft Top Assemblies for Sale

Foxbody Mustang drivers can replace their entire Mustang soft top with the help of Top Flight Automotive. Our store is home to numerous convertible top upgrades brought to you by Scott Drake. Review our product descriptions to find affordable options for popular Foxbody years, including 1983-1990 models. Choose between Scott Drake styles that come with a plastic or glass back window insert to match your project vision.

You’ll also discover multiple Foxbody convertible top replacement pieces to keep your ‘Stang in mint condition. Purchase the following Mustang top components made specifically for third-generation releases:

  • Convertible top hooks
  • Convertible top hose kits
  • Convertible top latch tension springs
  • Convertible top lift cylinders

1994-2004 SN95 Mustang Convertible Top Rear Windows

If it’s time to replace your original SN95 convertible top, you might consider one of our tinted window inserts from Kee Auto Top. Prevent unwanted leaks and maintain privacy from outside your Mustang’s cabin. Tinted glass window inserts are manufactured in the United States, and your order features durable sailcloth vinyl materials around the window to complement your vehicle’s exterior paint.

Note that SN95 Kee Auto Top window installations must be paired with a Kee Auto Top convertible top.

2005-2014 S197 Mustang Soft Top Replacements

Top Flight Automotive is your source for economical Mustang soft top replacements for the S197 generation. You can order one of our one-piece convertible tops with black, camel, charcoal or white materials. Select convertible tops showcase a heat-sealed plastic rear window. Heavy-duty stitching ensures your sailcloth Mustang top will serve you for years.

Purchase Our Ford Mustang Convertible Top Products Today

Top Flight Automotive’s soft top products help you keep your vehicle’s cabin dry year-round. Our experts have more than 175 years of combined industry experience to recommend products compatible with your pony car. We have no minimum purchase requirements in place so that you can get the Mustang components you need for a fair price.

Order Mustang top products from Top Flight Automotive for fast service and delivery. Contact our professionals online for further details about the installation process.

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