Ford Mustang Wheelhouse

Ford Mustang Wheelhouses

Whether you identify the parts as wheelhouses or inner wheel wells, these surfaces stop mud and water from spraying the sides of your Ford Mustang. Stock wheelhouses are durable, but nothing lasts forever. Turn to Top Flight Automotive when you need Mustang wheelhouse replacements intended for your muscle car generation.

1960s and 1970s Mustang Wheelhouses

At Top Flight Automotive, we’re in tune with what Mustang enthusiasts need for restoration work. Since Mustang wheelhouses are exposed to rainwater, heat from brake systems, rocks and objects that kick up on the road, it’s common for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) surfaces to crack or separate from the exterior.

Our inventory features wheel housings and related technology for first-generation (1965-1973) Classic Mustangs. When part of your vehicle’s wheelhouse needs replacing, trims break or you want to clean up sections of your ride, know Top Flight Automotive carries domestic and international replacement parts made with aluminum, rubber and stamped steel materials to make your restoration dream a reality.

Ford Mustang Wheel Arches and Trims for Sale

Wheel arches create the shape of the front and rear wheel openings, and they offer access to wheel assemblies and tires for maintenance. Mustang wheel arches are close to the quarter panels, leaving room for your front wheels to turn left or right.

Maybe your Ford Mustang was in a collision or the wheel arch trims fell off. Top Flight Automotive helps you service imperfections on your vehicle with driver- and passenger-side moldings and trims. Decide on a Scott Drake attachment for your base model, Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500 KR, Boss 302 or Boss 429.

We offer aluminum wheel arch moldings with chrome finishes for 1965-1970 ‘Stangs. Many Scott Drake wheel arches and trims come with mounting hardware. Use officially licensed wheel arch trims for authenticity.

Mustang Wheel Housing Assemblies

Replace wheel housings that show their age or collect grime. The Classic Mustang series is decades old, which means your vehicle could be overdue for a transformation. Purchase steel replacement assemblies from Top Flight Automotive’s catalog to upgrade coupe and convertible models.

Some Scott Drake Mustang wheelhouses are manufactured with corrosion-resistant finishes for lasting performance. Integrate stamped steel upgrades on your first-gen ‘Stang without cutting into surrounding surfaces. Each wheel housing in our catalog lives up to OEM specifications.

Perks of Upgrading Mustang Wheelhouses

New Mustang wheelhouse assemblies can potentially improve the appearance of your vehicle and help your muscle car cut through the air smoothly. Separating Mustang wheelhouses and weatherstrips can interfere with aerodynamics, so changing components on your muscle car is recommended for steering stability and less wind resistance.

Purchase Ford Mustang Wheelhouses Online

The Ford Mustang is a remarkable pony car that offers you a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Restoring your ride with high-quality, direct-fit exterior components is possible with our impressive catalog of solutions sourced from the best manufacturers all over the world. Find the Ford Mustang wheelhouses you need to finish a project with Top Flight Automotive and buy them online!

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