Ford Mustang Wiring Harness & Related Components

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Ford Mustang Wiring Harnesses and Related Components

Numerous switches and connectors run throughout your pony car, from the undercarriage to the trunk compartment. When it’s time to repair or replace the wiring harness or a related part, turn to Top Flight Automotive for new components you can trust.

Mustang Wiring Components for Sale

Our catalog features Ford Mustang wiring harnesses and connectors for all six muscle car generations. We’re always adding new items to our inventory to make your repair or restoration process stress-free. From wiring technology intended to keep your engine running correctly to listings that help you activate exterior lights, Top Flight Automotive is your source for metal, plastic and adhesive parts like:

  • A/C compressor wiring harnesses
  • ABS wheel speed sensor wiring harnesses
  • Alternator harnesses
  • Back-up light connectors and harnesses
  • Convertible top wiring harnesses
  • Courtesy light switches
  • Dash harness connectors
  • Dimmer switches
  • Door wiring harnesses
  • Engine cooling fan motor wiring harnesses
  • Engine wiring harnesses
  • Glove box light switches
  • Headlight switches
  • Ignition coil connectors
  • Taillight harnesses
  • Turn signal harnesses
  • Wiring terminal clips
  • Wiring harness tapes

Ford Mustang Courtesy Light Switches

When you open your Mustang’s doors, you expect the cabin lights to turn on so you can see. Top Flight Automotive is your source for replacement courtesy light switches manufactured by Daniel Carpenter and Auto Accessories of America. Integrate courtesy light technology inside fan-favorite muscle cars including Classic (1965-1973), SN95 (1994-1998) and New Edge (1999-2004) vehicles.

Mustang Replacement Glove Box Light Switches

Shop our site for replacement glove box switches and lights. Check out our solutions for first-generation Mustangs that allow you to access your owner’s manual, personal belongings, maintenance records and anything else you store in this convenient compartment when driving after dusk.

Headlight Switches for Your Ford Mustang

Make sure your exterior lights switch on when you want them to. Top Flight Automotive is here for you with switches for headlights, fog lights, turn signal lights and electronics. Activate exterior lights on your Mustang using solutions developed by California Pony Cars, Scott Drake, CA, ACP and Daniel Carpenter. Each lighting switch we offer will fit inside your vehicle’s cabin like stock equipment.

Mustang Ignition Coil Connectors, Harnesses and Switches for Sale

Cater to your 1960s or 1970s Classic Mustang with everything you’ll need to service the ignition system for smoother startups. We stock essential technology for restoring retired Mustang GTs and base models. Make our catalog the first place you search for ignition switch pigtails to work on your vehicle without perpetual modifications.

Remember Top Flight Automotive for Mustang Wiring Harnesses and Electronics

Shop with Top Flight Automotive to find the Mustang wiring harnesses and components you need to restore electrical systems across your ride. As car enthusiasts, we know the parts you use for your vehicle matter. That’s why we only stock high-quality parts made by domestic and international companies we’d be proud to use in our own projects. Order today for quick shipping — most in-stock parts leave our facility the same day as order placement!

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