Chevrolet Corvette Control Modules

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Chevrolet Corvette Control Modules

Adding the right control modules to a Chevy Corvette enables you to customize your driving experience and make your vehicle operate properly. Your car was equipped with control modules while on the assembly line, but it may be time to replace your stock technology.

Top Flight Automotive carries aftermarket equipment to help you get the most out of your model. Our experts serve you by expanding our inventory with Corvette control modules for all eight generations.

Upgrade Electronic Systems in Your Vehicle With Premier Control Modules

Trust Top Flight Automotive listings to bring your vehicle to a new level. Prioritize vehicle efficiency and performance by shopping our catalog and choosing Corvette hubs and modules from Atomic, B&M, FiTech Fuel Injection, MSD, Mallory and Street Fire.

Our selections connect to stock harnesses without splicing wires. Finish an upgrade job with the option to remove control modules later if you like.

Glance Over Multiple Electronic Modules for Corvettes

We carry dozens of electronic modules compatible with Corvettes in our inventory. Your customization dream is likely different from the next driver. For this reason, our professionals hand-select modules designed for Corvette systems. Choose one of these bestsellers from our site:

  • Corvette automatic transmission control modules
  • Corvette distributors
  • Corvette engine control modules
  • Corvette engine revolutions per minute (RPM) limiters
  • Corvette ignition control modules

Chevy Corvette Automatic Transmission Control Modules

Changing elements of your automatic transmission system is easy with control modules on the Top Flight Automotive site. Adjust the parameters of your transmission with technology by Atomic. Transmission controllers in our catalog are known to help you modify shift points and torque converter clutch operation.

Choose automatic transmission control modules that work without a computer. Mount handheld monitors inside the cabin to review transmission outputs in real-time. Top Flight Automotive also carries extension cables for Atomic transmission control modules to help you place devices anywhere.

Corvette RPM Limiters for Sale

Some weekend racers must follow any maximum RPM rules from officials. Our RPM limiters keep engine outputs where they need to be for competition. Drive your Chevy Corvette and adjust levels to an appropriate number of RPMs with options from MSD.

Integrate the technology on Corvettes with V8 engines. Select devices actually records the highest RPM reached during a race.

Chevy Corvette Ignition Control Modules

Ignition control modules regulate the voltage that spark plugs require to maintain the correct air-fuel mixture inside the engine for cold starts. These devices prevent engine misfires when starting, too.

With Top Flight Automotive, you can upgrade your vehicle’s ignition control module to reduce pressure on the starter and flywheel. Use rotary dials on selections from MSD to choose custom settings. Whether you’re racing or driving around town, ignition control modules help you operate your vehicle consistently.

Select Chevrolet Corvette Control Modules From Top Flight Automotive Now

Take control of your ride using electronic parts from Top Flight Automotive. We carry control modules from brands you know in the repair, restoration and customization field. Our experts are fantastic resources for buying aftermarket technology — ask us for product recommendations during standard business hours.

Select the Corvette control modules you want, and check out in just a few steps.

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