C1 Corvette Exterior Parts - 1953-1962

C1 Corvette Exterior Parts from Top Flight Automotive

C1 Chevrolet Corvette Exterior

Few sports cars have increased in value decades after retirement like the C1 Corvette. This vehicle reflects a period when Chevrolet was experimenting with new body shapes, engine and transmission combinations, and interior colors.

Your first-generation ‘Vette is special, so treat it to the best exterior parts and accessories for sale through Top Flight Automotive.

Cater to Your Ride With Quality Components

At Top Flight Automotive, we support drivers with all levels of restoration experience. Whether it’s your first time working on your car or you’re well-versed in the DIY community, we’ll steer you in the right direction to C1 exteriors. Some of the 1953-1962 exterior components we stock include:

Body components

Bumper pieces

Cleaning and polishing kits



Emblems and badges

Exterior decals


Glass mirrors


License plates and frames


C1 Corvette Headlights and Related Parts

We stock everything you need to keep first-generation Corvette headlights working and secure at the front of your sports car. From headlight bulb retainers and mounting screws to LED upgrades, our growing catalog has you covered.

Bumpers and Trims for C1 Corvettes

First-gen Corvettes feature chrome bumper trims. Most bumper surfaces are covered with these accent pieces. If you need to revitalize the front and rear bumper surfaces on your ride, shop our collection of trim pieces from CA and Auto Accessories of America.

Upgrade only the bumper sections you need for a cohesive appearance. You can also bring your C1 ‘Vette into the present day with options featuring curb alert sensors by Universal Brand Motion. Forget about scratching your sports car on surfaces close to the road.

First-Gen Cleaning and Polishing Kits

Keep your C1 Corvette looking stellar with cleaning supplies for spectacular shine. Browse cleaning products intended for exterior paint, window glass, wheels and tires. Many of our glass polishing kits, brushes, dusters, sprays and microfiber towels are brought to you by Auto Accessories of America. Make cleaning your Corvette a normal part of your routine with supplies you can store in the trunk.

C1 Chevy Corvette Exterior Body Decals

Take your C1 Corvette upgrade project seriously with body graphics and stripe kits. Dressing up a first-gen ‘Vette is simple with our decals for windshields, mirrors, doors and bumpers. Whether you like racing numbers, American flags or body graphics with witty sayings, you can find everything you’re looking for in the Top Flight Automotive catalog.

Get the C1 Exterior Parts You Need From Us Today

Shopping for upgrade components is exciting with Top Flight Automotive. Our inventory is full of technology compatible with your vehicle, and we carry parts from leading brands you can rely on for quality. Make the right decision for your ride by checking out with C1 exterior parts from Top Flight Automotive today!

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