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Ford fanatics recognize the Mustang as one of the most aggressive-looking and smooth-handling performance cars of all time. If you’re searching for a vehicle that can handle trips to the track and your daily driving needs, get behind the wheel of a Mustang. 

Over the past five decades, the Ford Mustang has changed significantly. However, drivers know they’re getting an unmatched driving experience as soon as they’re inside the cabin. Designers at the Ford factory incorporate innovative technology across each Mustang’s suspension setup, ensuring consumers can react to sudden changes on the road.

Whether you own a Classic Mustang or a GT350 variant from the S550 era, Top Flight Automotive stocks Mustang front and rear suspension parts to get you the most out of your investment. Respond to wear and tear or upgrade your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suspension system to best match your driving applications. Our inventory contains Mustang suspension kits organized by model year for increasing stability.

The Importance of Your Mustang’s Suspension System

A Mustang’s suspension system helps you stay in control of the vehicle at all times. The term “suspension system” refers to all the connections, bushings, springs and bearings that fasten wheel assemblies to a performance car’s frame. Without a durable suspension system, your Mustang would struggle to adapt to rough terrains and bumps.

Your entire cabin experience depends on the condition of your Mustang’s suspension system because it’s responsible for absorbing road shocks and making sure you can travel safely. Ignoring the need for suspension maintenance causes tires, brakes and similar components to degrade prematurely.

Signs Your Mustang Suspension System Needs Work

Drivers will experience a handful of warning signs when a suspension system is outdated or needs maintenance. Ford made sure Mustang releases met building standards at the factory, but all OEM pieces wear out eventually. You’re in the market for a Mustang suspension kit or replacement pieces if you notice:

  • Your Ford Mustang struggles to drive straight.
  • The vehicle’s body bounces repeatedly after hitting a bump.
  • Handling stability is not as sharp as it used to be.
  • Your Mustang’s body sits lower than usual.
  • The hood of the car dives downward when activating the brakes.
  • Tires wear in an uneven pattern.

A Wide Range of Mustang Suspension Options

Top Flight Automotive caters to Classic, Foxbody, SN95, S197 and S550 suspension systems with various kits in our online store. Navigate our offerings using your vehicle’s production year to discover listings that drop into place with little or no welding. Suspension technology has developed significantly since the mid-1960s, so rely on Top Flight Automotive for upgrades that enable you to enhance ride quality beyond Ford factory specifications.

Whether you want to repair your OEM installations or alter your entire suspension system for racing applications, we connect you to complete packages from Auto Accessories of America, BBK Performance, Detroit Speed, Ridetech and other famous manufacturers.

Classic Mustang Air Bag Suspension Kits

Are you fortunate enough to have a 1960s or 1970s Classic Mustang in your showroom? The professionals at Top Flight Automotive make it possible to reduce cabin vibrations with air suspension kits from Ridetech. If you’re new to the technology, air suspension upgrades eliminate the need for heavy-duty leaf springs that support the weight of vintage cars.

You can think of Mustang air bag suspension systems like a balloon. Air-powered suspension pieces inflate to keep your Mustang level and elevated off the ground. Invite multiple passengers inside your favorite ride without having to worry about the front and rear wheel assemblies feeling rigid. Ridetech air suspension kits come with front and back HQ Series Shockwaves that drivers can adjust to match their handling preferences.

Foxbody and SN95 Mustang Coilover Conversion Kits

Foxbody Mustangs seen from 1979 to 1993 are highly customizable. Collectors and restoration fans remember the Foxbody era as a time in Mustang history when vehicle designers focused more on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency to meet consumers’ demands. Foxbody variants showcase a unibody chassis with MacPherson struts in stock form, but Top Flight Automotive makes it possible to incorporate aftermarket coilovers to lower your vehicle.

A coilover combines a coil spring and shock absorber within the same assembly. This technology aims to lower your Mustang’s center of gravity for handling improvements when approaching tight turns. Our offerings by Detroit Speed are compatible with all Mustangs in the Foxbody lineup. The simple, bolt-on installation process is fast, and conversions are reversible if you decide you want to revert to your stock configuration.

Top Flight Automotive also carries Mustang coilover kits for the SN95 generation with selections from BMR Suspension. Maintain full suspension travel with eye-catching upgrades in your choice of a Black Hammertone or Red Powdercoat finish.

S197 and S550 Mustang Sway Bar Kits

Do you enjoy the retro style of your S197 but wish it performed better on the track? Top Flight Automotive is your source for aftermarket sway bar upgrades for 2005-2014 Ford Mustangs. Control unwanted body roll with zinc-plated options by BMR Suspension. S197 aftermarket sway bars from BMR Suspension resist torsional fatigue for consistency between laps.

Top Flight Automotive’s online store is always growing, and we carry suspension products specifically for the S550 Mustang generation. You will also find adjustable sway bars for the latest additions to the Mustang lineup. Complete your sway bar installation in under one hour and leave the competition in the dust.

Order Your Mustang Front and Rear Suspension Parts Today

The experts at Top Flight Automotive have a passion for Mustang vehicles just like you. We want to keep your restoration or upgrade project on schedule, so we fulfill orders quickly. Create the suspension setup you’ve always dreamed of when you receive our sales representatives’ product advice and industry expertise.

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, and our team gets you the parts and accessories you need for long-term restoration success. Order your Mustang front and rear suspension pieces today, and contact us for further information.

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