Chevrolet Corvette Engine Bay Dress Up

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Chevrolet Corvette Engine Bay Dress Up

From the small caps that cover the oil intake and washer fluid reservoir to fuel rail covers, you have the power to make your ‘Vette more stylish with Top Flight Automotive dress-up parts.

Add a splash of color below the hood or replace components to care for your vehicle long-term. Many of the engine bay dress-up solutions in our inventory help you step outside the norm.

Durable Engine Bay Dress-Up Items for Corvettes

All the components in our catalog are produced with materials that meet or exceed Chevy’s specifications for strength and performance.

Choose add-ons made of aluminum, billet aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel, steel or vinyl depending on the variety.

Add Aftermarket Engine Parts to Your Vehicle

Top Flight Automotive belongs to the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, so we know what we’re looking for in customization parts. Shop our site for technology that comes from the highest-rated manufacturers in the sports car world.

Our team hand-picks all the Corvette engine dress-up parts you’ll find in our collection:

  • Alternator covers
  • Battery covers
  • Engine air box covers
  • Engine cooling fan shrouds
  • Engine covers
  • Engine dress-up kits
  • Engine intake manifold covers
  • Engine oil dipsticks
  • Engine oil filler caps
  • Fuse box covers
  • Ignition coil covers
  • Radiator support covers
  • Supercharger covers

Chevy Corvette Alternator Covers

You need your Corvette’s alternator to deliver power to the electronics in the cabin. Protect the power source for steering systems, windows and dashboard instruments with the right alternator cover for your Corvette. We sell alternator covers from AMT Custom Designs that have been hydro-dipped in protective films for a surface that resembles carbon fiber. Painted options are also available.

Improve the appearance of the engine bay with solutions engineered for the C5 (1997-2004), C6 (2005-2013), C7 (2014-2019) and C8 (2020-2023) Corvettes.

Corvette Battery Cover Dress-Up Parts

Top Flight Automotive helps you find stylish Corvette battery covers for diverse vehicle generations. Work on Corvettes from the 1960s forward with covers brought to life by CA, AMT Custom Designs and Auto Accessories of America. Select battery toppers made in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) colors or with special graphics like anniversary years and Crossflags.

Engine Bay Dress-Up Kits for Corvettes

Give your Corvette’s engine compartment a new appearance with multiple covers or caps in a single kit. Get multiple aftermarket pieces for your ride to create a consistent display under the hood.

Manufacturers like CA and American Car Craft create cap cover kits for blocking off engine coolant, washer fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and oil intakes. Keep contaminants away from engine fluids using etched chrome and carbon fiber caps.

Trust Us for Corvette Engine Bay Dress-Up Parts

Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for thousands of components engineered for C1-C8 Corvettes. Our team outshines other retailers by skipping out on one-size-fits-most solutions. We’re your source for replacement and customization parts made solely for vehicles including base, Z06, anniversary, Grand Sport, ZR1 models and Stingrays.

When you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle’s engine compartment, purchase dress-up technology online!

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