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Ford Mustang Instrument Panel

The Ford Mustang has been a staple in the sports car industry since the 1960s. Thanks to consistent sales, a four-seat cabin layout and years of racing success, the Mustang build has made a name for itself through five decades of production. 

Drivers turn to the Ford Mustang for a performance vehicle that looks sporty and leaves room for aftermarket customizations. Regardless of your favorite vehicle generation, it’s essential to have a functional Mustang instrument panel to monitor travel speeds and engine readouts. Top Flight Automotive introduces you to replacement technology by your favorite manufacturers like California Pony Cars, Dakota Digital, Intellitronix and Scott Drake. Swap your instrument panel with all the parts you require for success from our online store.

The Importance of a Ford Mustang Instrument Panel

You can think of an instrument panel as the brain of your vehicle. Automakers position this installation near the steering wheel to tell you more about the engine’s condition, your vehicle’s speed and your fuel levels. Instrument panels help you operate your performance vehicle safely for fewer complications on the highway and track.

You use your Ford Mustang instrument panel every time you put the keys in the ignition. Depending on the age of your vehicle, wires, dials and gauges may have deteriorated. Rely on the professionals at Top Flight Automotive for Mustang instrument cluster products that drop into place for a seamless fit.

When Should I Replace My Mustang Instrument Cluster?

A Mustang instrument cluster may stop working altogether or die out in sections. You know your favorite ride better than anyone else. Note anything out of the ordinary before heading out on an adventure. One of the most common signs that your factory instrument panel is out of order is an unresponsive dial.

If you notice the issues outlined below, you may be in the market for an upgraded instrument panel from Top Flight Automotive:

  • The fuel gauge always reads empty.
  • Your speedometer’s reading seems incorrect while driving.
  • The instrument panel’s backlighting goes out.
  • Dials get stuck in one position.
  • Some trip numbers work, while others refuse to move.
  • Your check engine light turns on sporadically.
  • Your Mustang instrument panel wiring takes damage.
  • Gauges fade from ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

We Have Mustang Instrument Panels for Your Favorite Model Years

Top Flight Automotive experts help you find instrument panel upgrades, gauges, bezels and hardware compatible with your Mustang’s cabin. We make it possible to restore Classic, Foxbody, SN95 and S197 variants with factory-inspired replacement parts and Mustang digital instrument cluster assemblies.

We list all our merchandise by model year for your shopping convenience. Recreate your Mustang’s cab to Ford factory specifications, or you can take your upgrade project in a new direction according to your style and technology preferences. Your restoration possibilities are endless with Top Flight Automotive.

Classic Mustang Instrument Clusters

Few performance vehicles are as valuable as 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs. If you’re the lucky owner of a Mustang Fastback, Top Flight Automotive gives you plenty of options for instrument cluster replacements. Change out your faulty instrument panel with analog and digital selections within our inventory.

Top Flight Automotive partners with brands like Intellitronix for Mustang instrument clusters. Select analog instrument clusters are available with the distinct five-gauge layout seen during the early 1960s. Enhance the appearance of your Classic Mustang release using original equipment-inspired instrument clusters. These components showcase durable polycarbonate materials and plexiglass faceplates.

Are you dealing with a faulty gauge? Top Flight Automotive also carries replacement pieces by Scott Drake for situations where one section of your original instrument cluster needs attention. Discover aftermarket speedometers, fuel gauges, oil pressure gauges and other accessories in the same dimensions and colors as your originals.

Foxbody Mustang Instrument Panels

Foxbody Mustangs mark a shift in production when Ford started to make vehicles using a unibody chassis platform. Collectors adore this generation series, as models in the Foxbody lineup are lightweight, aerodynamic and more powerful than previous releases in the Mustang II series.

Treat your Foxbody Mustang to one of our all-digital instrument panels from Dakota Digital. Top Flight Automotive has selections for all 1979-1993 Mustangs, so you can reimagine your ride with (light-emitting diode) LED displays in blue, red and white. Browse listings under Dakota Digital’s VHX line for the following features:

  • Bolt-in designs
  • Liquid-crystal display (LCD) message centers
  • Solid-state sensors for accuracy
  • 160 mph speedometers
  • Backlighting technology for visibility

SN95 and New Edge Mustang Digital Instrument Clusters

Top Flight Automotive is proud to bring customers aftermarket solutions for the SN95 and New Edge Mustang series. If you want to take your 300-horsepower Mustang to the next level, our selections from Intellitronix allow you to note performance outputs at any time of day or night. Our 1994-2004 Ford Mustang digital instrument clusters provide a futuristic look, and your choice of blue, green, red or white LEDs illuminate the cabin.

Replace your SN95 or New Edge Mustang instrument panel with no guesswork. A one-button calibration setup enables you to configure your installation in seconds, regardless of your tire size or transmission type. Mustang digital instrument clusters from Intellitronix have sending units for the speedometer, water temperature gauge, voltmeter and fuel gauge.

Ford Mustang Instrument Panel Wiring

Are you experiencing some issues with the wiring behind your dashboard assembly? Top Flight Automotive carries a wide range of Mustang instrument panel wiring kits so that you can take control of the cabin. Whether someone cuts the factory wiring during an installation or connections grow brittle over time, we’ve got you covered with bundles available for classic and modern releases.

Top Flight Automotive sales representatives can take your call during our normal hours of operation. Tell us more about your situation, and we can steer you in the right direction toward an appropriate wiring kit for your needs.

Order Your Mustang Instrument Panel Now

Your Mustang is worth keeping on the road for years to come. Top Flight Automotive helps you get the best products for restoration and customization projects with fast shipping turnarounds. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for and keep product recommendations within your budget.

Top Flight Automotive celebrates years of restoration, style and performance as part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. Purchase your Mustang instrument panel and contact us with questions.

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