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When you get behind the wheel of a classic or modern Corvette, be prepared to enter a world dedicated to performance capabilities, restoration projects and sleek exterior body designs. Those lucky enough to own a signature Corvette understand that driving one of these sports cars leads to a lifelong relationship with the Chevrolet brand, as vehicles are unmatched in terms of horsepower, torque and impressive top speeds. No matter if you are headed to the race track or are spending the day in the garage, Top Flight Automotive helps our customers represent Corvette muscle cars with t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and accessories on our online store.

At Top Flight Automotive, our experts speak fluent Corvette and want to connect you to apparel for the entire family. Regardless if you are shopping for a friend, relative or yourself, discover clothing products with Corvette designs, logos and scripts spanning from the C1 through the C8. Top Flight Automotive makes your shopping experience seamless with all of our apparel organized by men’s, women’s, kids and youth sizes for a perfect fit.

Why Shop Corvette Clothing?

Sports car enthusiasts around the world are obsessed with Corvette vehicles for their iconic role in automotive history. Chevrolet production runs dating as far back as 1953 showcased unique features inside and outside the cabin for comfort, speed and aerodynamic function. Whether you are a fan of vintage models or use a modern release as a daily driver, why not promote your favorite line of performance vehicles with clothing on our online store?

Top Flight Automotive apparel caters to your lifestyle, routine and passion for your Corvette with several options to keep you warm or cool year-round. From long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts to generation-specific hats, there is truly something for everyone all at affordable prices. Learn more about clothing materials and washing instructions by clicking on any of our apparel listings.

Men’s and Women’s Corvette Clothing: Polo Shirts

Do you work in an auto body shop or want to show Corvette pride at the office? Top Flight Automotive stocks our online store with a variety of Corvette-themed polo shirts for men and women. Ideal for warmer temperatures, our polo collection features moisture-wicking technology for hours of comfort on the job.

Polo shirts at Top Flight Automotive focus on your favorite Corvette generations from the modern era. We stock products from leading clothing manufacturers such as OGIO and Under Armour® for superior comfort and stretch after multiple washings. Find embroidered logos, 100% polyester materials and colorful options for an all-new look at the golf course, country club or repair shop with the following products:


  • Men’s and women’s C6 Callaway polos
  • Men’s C7 polo racing
  • C7 Corvette color block men’s polo shirts
  • Men’s Corvette Stingray OGIO polo shirt
  • Men’s and women’s Corvette Under Armour polo shirts
  • OGIO C8 polos

Men’s and women’s Corvette polo shirts at Top Flight Automotive display button-up and flat-collar designs for a business casual appearance. Speak to one of our sales representatives about placing an order for your whole team!

Men’s and Women’s Corvette Fleece 

If you are headed to the garage or race track during the fall or spring seasons, check out the Top Flight Automotive online store for men’s and women’s fleece jackets. Perfect for layering and showing Corvette pride, fleece jackets are available in full- or quarter-zip configurations and colors such as black, gray and red. Top Flight Automotive fleece jackets are stitched with Next Generation C8 logos and help retain body heat for hours.

Choose from some of our most popular fleece styles, such as:


  • Men’s C8 black carbon heather Stormtech fleece
  • Men’s C8 quarter-zip fleece
  • Ladies C8 black Stormtech fleece
  • Ladies C8 quarter-zip fleece

Corvette Jackets and Apparel

One of the best parts about shopping for apparel at Top Flight Automotive is our online store allows you to represent the Corvette brand throughout the colder months. With lambskin leather, aviator and varsity jackets, you can continue your restoration projects and stay warm in your Corvette’s cabin. Our men’s and women’s Corvette jackets are a fresh fashion statement for judging competitions, long cruises and beyond. 

Corvette Lambskin Leather Jackets

Lambskin jackets feature soft but durable materials for a natural shine. These products arrive with C6 and C7 embroidered emblems and have satin-lined pockets and antique front zippers. Find lambskin jackets with adjustable cuffs and a comfortable design.

Corvette Aviator Jackets

Top Flight Automotive aviator jackets have embroidered Corvette logos on the left-side chest and back. Pick from favorite generation logos, including C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7 styles that craft a custom look. Our jackets include the following for storage and comfort:


  • Nylon outer-shell
  • Satin lining
  • Rib-knit cuffs/collar/waistband
  • Snap pockets

Corvette Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets at Top Flight Automotive offer timeless styling with lambskin leather accents. These imported jackets showcase a covered snap front, satin lining and embroidered C6 emblems. Jackets at Top Flight Automotive are considered special order items, so speak to one of our sales representatives for sizing details.

Corvette Sweatshirt Apparel

Layering is the key to staying warm for outdoor or non-heated garage maintenance projects. Fortunately for our customers, Corvette sweatshirts and hoodies keep you comfortable with elastic cuffs and waistbands, as well as cotton and polyester blends. Find soft fleece materials with embroidered emblems, Stingray designs and printed images, including Corvette models from the C1-C7 series.

Top Flight Automotive sweatshirts are available in gray, black, charcoal, marine, red, navy blue and other combinations for your shopping convenience. GM officially licensed our products, including:


  • C5 and C6 Corvette sweatshirts
  • Corvette C6 hooded sweatshirt
  • C6 nothing but Corvette hoodie
  • C7 Corvette hooded sweatshirts
  • Corvette hoodies with embroidered emblems
  • Full-zip applique navy hooded Corvette sweatshirt

Corvette Kids and Youth Apparel

It is never too early to become a Corvette fan. Shop for boys, girls and youth apparel on our online store with comical text, C7 prints and “Jake” racing designs. Help represent America’s dream car with onesies, t-shirts and more for young ones in the family!

Contact Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Clothes and Accessories

Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Corvette interior, exterior and performance parts. Each member of our team is knowledgeable on C1-C7 generations and is ready to help you with your restoration or upgrade project needs.

Aside from providing customers with vehicle parts and accessories, our online store is constantly expanding with new apparel. Top Flight Automotive aims to keep you riding in style for generations to come with a vast selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and so much more. If you need assistance with our apparel products, Top Flight Automotive sales representatives are available during normal business hours to help you find the perfect fit.

Top Flight Automotive is proud to be a part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. Supporting generations of restoration, style and performance, no one understands Corvette vehicles quite like our experts. For more information about Corvette clothing and accessories, contact Top Flight Automotive today.

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