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Top Flight Automotive is dedicated to bringing high-quality Mustang interior components to drivers who need them. Whether you’re taking on a small repair or a large-scale customization project, turn to our store for technology you can integrate throughout your sport model’s cabin. We stock our site with reliable parts to help you stay comfortable in your vehicle and get behind the wheel with confidence.

Serving the Mustang community for over 45 years, we are passionate and understand that each generation offers something special.  When we took flight, our team knew our quality parts, interiors, exteriors, wheels and accessories from all of your favorite brands were a cut above the rest. Nevertheless, we continue to build and improve every day to stay true to the iconic Mustang. When it’s time to restore your Mustang, choose Top Flight Automotive!

Mustang Interiors at Top Flight Automotive

A clean cabin is essential for grabbing sports car collectors’ attention. You’ve spent the time hunting down your favorite Ford Mustang model, so now it’s time to restore or customize your ride. Top Flight Automotive loves the Ford Mustang brand just as much as you do. We carry the most extensive collection of interior parts and accessories for one of the most stylish vehicle lines of all time.

We carry various interior products that take all six Mustang generations to the next level. Trust the team that knows your collector car inside and out to help you find the perfect additions for your model.

Why Restore Ford Mustang Interiors?

Ideally, the inside and outside of your Mustang are in pristine condition. However, with some Mustangs celebrating their 50th birthday recently, certain models may show their age. Revitalizing a vehicle’s cabin gives you the opportunity to cherish classic styles, boost collector value and enjoy your investment from the moment you start the ignition. You’ve driven your Mustang for thousands of miles. Revitalizing your Ford Mustang’s interior surfaces is the best way to prepare for your next journey.

Do you want to take home first prize in the classic car show or tailor your seat designs to fit your preferences? Top Flight Automotive gives you the resources you need to create an authentic setup.

Top Flight Automotive Sells Various Ford Mustang Interiors

Your stock surfaces wear out at different speeds. A Mustang’s dash sees sunlight constantly, while the center console could last the vehicle’s entire lifespan. Top Flight Automotive allows you to prepare for any interior restoration project with thousands of components organized by category. Find original equipment manufacturer (OEM-) style and custom Mustang interiors for your ride. Collectors and racing fans alike look to our site for the following products and more:

  • Dash gauges
  • Car audio
  • Carpets
  • Dashboards
  • Door panels
  • Emblems
  • Floor mats
  • Glove box doors
  • Lighting
  • Pedals
  • Seat covers
  • Seat foam

Mustang Interior Carpets

Carpeting runs along the floor of your Mustang. After years of driving, it’s possible for you to see rips, stains and fading materials. Top Flight Automotive brings you the best products in the restoration industry, which include replacement carpet sets. Order selections made by Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. for immediate results.

Top Flight Automotive sells Mustang interior carpets cut for specific models. From sporty Mustang GT models to 1960s Mach 1 variants, your Mustang’s flooring can take on an all-new life. Order carpets in multi-piece kits for a plush feel throughout the cabin.

Ford Mustang Interior Dashes

Are you dealing with a cracked Mustang dash? Top Flight Automotive will help you eliminate rattling sounds, moisture spots and peeling surfaces across the front end of your vehicle. Your Mustang deserves the best, so we stock high-quality replacement dashes from Classic Car Dashes. Shop our Mustang interior parts that fit like stock attachments. You can select reproduction dashes that follow original Ford tooling specs.

We include the hardware you need for installation, and dashes with a foam core can dampen road noise. Classic Car Dashes offers some of our best-selling solutions for Classic and Foxbody Mustangs.

Mustang Interior Dash Gauges for Sale

Want to customize the look of your Mustang dash or replace parts for an improved look? Top Flight Automotive offers a variety of wiring harnesses and gauges for your vehicle’s cabin. Give your instrument cluster a cleaner, more organized appearance with components from Scott Drake.

Our site is your source for Mustang dash gauges and bezels that resemble stock equipment. From a speedometer that stops working to engine temperature dials that need replacing, we offer solutions for common Mustang problems.

Mustang Car Audio Trims

Shop Top Flight Automotive to select interior car audio components for your ride. We’re known for our wide collection of Mustang speakers and trim sections to improve your listening experience and cabin aesthetics.

A popular way to customize Mustang interior surfaces is to change out the stock radio bezels. Choose Mustang interior bezel kits that line up with the surfaces of stock dashes. You can add all-black, wood grain and chrome radio bezels to valuable Mustangs like the ones from the first-generation series.

Create some contrast around your Mustang’s cabin or erase all the fingerprints and dirt that accumulate from years of using your interior audio equipment.

Mustang Interior Door Panels

You open your vehicle doors frequently. There’s no need to stare at bubbling upholsteries and stains when you install replacement Mustang door panels from Top Flight Automotive. Create a comfortable atmosphere inside the cabin with durable door panel upgrades brought to you by TMI Products and Distinctive Industries among other world-class companies. 

These offerings are available in all OEM color schemes. Depending on your selection, you can purchase Mustang interior door panels with carpet accents, map pockets and pre-drilled holes for window cranks and trims. Get door panels in the same shades as seats and carpeting, or try something different to make your Mustang unique.

Custom Mustang Floor Mats

Protective floor mats preserve interior carpeting. Our professionals introduce you to flooring solutions for Classic, Mustang II, Foxbody, SN95, New Edge, S197 and S550 vehicles. Choose from different floor mat colors and patterns to follow your restoration dream. Only through Top Flight Automotive can you buy interior accessories from Auto Accessories of America, Auto Custom Carpets, Lloyd Design Corporation and Scott Drake at unbeatable prices.

Place our carpet or rubber Mustang floor mats inside the cabin for extra style points. Top Flight Automotive carries floor mats with embroidered and sculpted logos. Drivers can choose products with the accents below:

  • Tri-bar pony
  • 5.0 logo
  • Mustang GT logo

Ford Mustang Interior Lighting Kits

Illuminating your Ford Mustang’s cabin is helpful when you’re driving at night. You might need to see the floor when you drop something or peer inside the center console to find your personal belongings.

Top Flight Automotive makes replacing the lights inside your vehicle simple with LED technology and traditional bulbs for your car. Change courtesy lights, dome lights, door lights and other assemblies using our selections from Scott Drake and Mr. Mustang. All interior lights in our inventory shine as well or brighter than OEM technology.

When instrument panel lights wear out, Top Flight Automotive is your online source for LED upgrades. Make the speedometer and other gauges behind the steering wheel glow a different color using custom offerings that integrate inside your Mustang cabin easily.

Ford Mustang Pedals

Top Flight Automotive wants you to drive your Ford Mustang safely, so we sell replacement brake and acceleration pedals for retired sports cars. Restore 1964, 1965, 1966 and other Mustang interior surfaces and put the finishing touches on your ride with pedals and kits by Dynacorn.

Replace the entire brake or accelerator pedal setup or swap individual parts like pedal pads to ensure you have the right level of grip at your feet.

Mustang Interior Seat Covers

Your original seat covers can take a beating. From daily driving to long-term storage, it’s common for upholsteries to absorb moisture or tear. Top Flight Automotive wants you to be comfortable in the driver’s seat. Our site is home to replacement seat covers for your restoration efforts. Improve the appearance of bench and bucket style seats when you use new covers made of leather, vinyl or cloth.

Upgrade Mustang seat materials with products that have stitching patterns based on each Mustang generation. Top Flight Automotive’s seat covers are more durable than your OEM installations. Replace front and rear seat upholsteries without the guesswork. We recommend changing out your OEM seat foam when installing updated seat covers.

Enjoy a Seamless Ordering Process

Top Flight Automotive has everything you need to achieve custom Mustang interiors, and we’ll ship your order to you quickly. We manufacture a large portion of our Mustang interior solutions to exceed your expectations for quality. Review the details below to see why Top Flight Automotive should be your go-to source for Mustang interiors:

  • Price match guarantees
  • Many items available to ship
  • USA-made products
  • No minimum purchase amount

Buy Your Mustang Interiors From Top Flight Automotive

Our team will help you create a historically accurate or custom Mustang cabin. Browse thousands of parts on our site today and take advantage of our competitive prices for your restoration tasks. We’re proud to have the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry. You can rely on our team for answers to your questions and further assistance.

Shop our Ford Mustang interior listings 24/7/365. We try to ship orders the same day you make your purchase, so purchase now! You can also speak to a customer representative if you write to us online.

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