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Chevrolet Corvette Valves

The brake system on your Corvette is complex. Besides the rotors and pads, there are numerous parts at work each time you use the brake pedal — including brake system valves. The brake valves on your sports car help to balance out your behind-the-wheel experience.

When it’s time for repairs, Top Flight Automotive offers a growing collection of line lock kits, brake booster check valves and related components.

Corvette Brake System Valves by Trustworthy Companies

Stay safe on the road by integrating top-of-the-line brake technology from Top Flight Automotive.

Our team searches for the best Corvette brake system parts on the market before selling them — you can rest assured each selection by ACDelco, Corvette Stainless Steel Brakes and Hurst will work to stock specifications or better. Purchase brake system valves and kits for vehicles from the C3, C4, C5, C6 and other popular generations.

Corvette Brake Hydraulic Line Lock Kits

Top Flight Automotive sells hydraulic line lock kits designed for the race track. Lock the front wheel assemblies while leaving the rear brake setup running wild. Our offerings from Hurst are engineered to reduce the chance of your vehicle rolling before a race begins. Drivers also use line lock installation kits to perform burnouts.

Depending on which brake line lock kit you choose, you can get a solenoid valve, snap-action switch and mounting screws together. Heat up your Corvette’s wheels before a race easily. Top Flight Automotive also sells line lock fittings and solenoid valves individually to help with system maintenance.

Brake Line Lock Momentary Switches for Corvettes

Control when your Corvette’s front wheels lock with momentary button switches available through Top Flight Automotive. Add a small switch inside your vehicle’s cabin to encourage an immediate and accurate lock release. We stock Corvette line lock momentary switches by Hurst for performance you can count on.

Some momentary switches on our site include upwards of 2 feet of wire for setup. Shop the listings in our catalog to find options that come with a rubber retention sleeve to incorporate the technology on your vehicle’s gear shifter.

Corvette Power Brake Booster Check Valves

Your Corvette’s brake booster configuration creates a pressure vacuum to increase stopping power. When this system is out of order, power-assisted brakes require a great deal of force to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Our site is home to Corvette power brake booster check valves to ensure air moves through your vehicle’s brake system the correct way.

Make sure air only flows in one direction through your power brake booster assembly. Top Flight Automotive supplies replacement power brake booster check valves for the 1968-1982 (C3) and 1997-2004 (C5) Corvettes.

Shop Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Brake System Valves

At Top Flight Automotive, we focus on growing our inventory of Corvette parts daily. We’re in tune with the latest technology on the market for ‘Vettes, and our experts have firsthand experience using many of the listings in our catalog. Shop brake system valves online and place your order today to start your next project.

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