C3 Corvette Brakes - 1968-1982

C3 Corvette Brakes

Sports car collectors and fans of professional racing admire C3 Corvettes for their futuristic shapes, large rally wheels and chrome exterior details. These Chevrolet performance vehicles were available between 1968 and 1982, and select variants stand as some of the most notable releases the brand ever made. Packed with over 300 horsepower from launch, third-generation Corvettes gained instant popularity, which resulted in nearly 15 years of production before engineers moved onto the Corvette’s next series, the C4.

Chevrolet had something to prove when designing third-generation Corvettes. The goal was to manufacture a performance vehicle that combined aggressive exterior features with aerodynamic capabilities for a hair-raising experience behind the wheel. Drivers of all ages dream of owning one of these fiberglass-based sports cars, as the C3 series marked a period of experimentation in Chevy’s history with the introduction of ZR1 performance packages, LT1 small-block engines and 25th Anniversary models by 1982.

Some C3 Corvettes can reach speeds over 150 mph. With that kind of power, drivers need a set of responsive brakes to come to a complete stop. Turn to Top Flight Automotive for affordable offerings from the brands you know and trust.

The Importance of Maintaining C3 Corvette Brakes

C3 Corvette brakes enable drivers to regulate travel speeds and respond to sudden changes on the road. Now that select C3 releases are over five decades old, monitoring signs of wear and tear across your stock disc brake setup is necessary so that you remain in control from the driver’s seat.

All 1968-1982 Corvettes left the Chevrolet factory with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) disc brakes. These components’ presence means your Corvette relies on calipers, brake pads and friction to stop rotors from moving. Catering to C3 Corvette brakes ensures a smooth driving experience. Eliminate unwanted grinding sounds, screeching and more by treating your favorite ride to C3 aftermarket brakes from Top Flight Automotive.

When Should I Replace C3 Brakes?

Drivers can tell there is a problem with their C3 Corvette brakes from inside the cabin. We recommend collectors perform a visual inspection of brake assemblies between seasons to prepare for long trips, daily cruising and racing events. You are in the market for C3 Corvette brake upgrades or replacement parts if you notice the warning signs below:

  • You can see rust near rotors and calipers.
  • Brake pads are less than a quarter-inch thick.
  • Your C3 takes longer than usual to stop.
  • You can feel the car pulling to one side when activating the brakes.
  • The brake pedal vibrates when pressing downward.
  • You experience a decrease in handling response.

Top Flight Automotive Carries Several C3 Brake Kits and Parts

The professionals at Top Flight Automotive provide you with the flexibility to change out your entire C3 brake system and individual components. We allow you to restore 1968-1982 Corvette models according to budget, as we offer a wide range of products from manufacturers like Corvette America, Baer Brake Systems and Hawk Performance.

There is no need to settle for pre-owned components when shopping at Top Flight Automotive. Discover durable replacement parts that install without modifying the exterior of your vehicle. If you need assistance, one of our representatives will walk you through compatible options for your C3 after hearing more about your current setup.

1968-1982 Baer Brake Systems C3 Corvette Brake Kits

Do you want to get all the brake components for your upgrade project at once? Top Flight Automotive supplies complete C3 Corvette brake kits by Baer Brake Systems for a noticeable increase in performance. Our online store is home to lightweight packages that come with your choice of 11-, 13- or 14-inch slotted rotors to dissipate heat as fast as possible.

C3 Corvette brake kits make sense if multiple parts of your braking system need replacement. For one cost-friendly price, you can change out rotors, calipers, brake pads, hardware and more to bring your C3 into the modern era. Our C3 brake bundles from Baer Brake Systems arrive with high-performance calipers in red, black or silver color schemes that you can see through aftermarket rims.

Most of our Baer Brake Systems can improve stopping times by as much as 20 percent.

1968-1982 C3 Corvette Master Cylinder Replacements

Your vehicle’s master cylinder distributes brake fluid to all four-wheel assemblies. Each time you press the brake pedal, fluid runs through a series of hoses to compress pads against rotors. This action slows the vehicle.

If your OEM master cylinder springs a leak, Top Flight Automotive has replacement units from Tuff Stuff Performance. Create a stable connection to front and rear wheels thanks to our master cylinder upgrades with triple chrome-plated finishes. Most products from Tuff Stuff Performance bolt into place for instant restoration results.

1968-1982 C3 Power Brake Boosters

Drivers who have to apply a substantial amount of force to the brake pedal may have an issue with their stock brake booster. This component is a device that uses a high-pressure vacuum to activate the master cylinder. Installations create a buildup of pressure between the brake pedal and master cylinder so that each pedal press calls for minimal effort.

C3 Corvettes left the production factory with brake boosters installed, but changing temperatures, daily driving and minor collisions can cause assemblies to lose their vacuum effect. When this happens, turn to Top Flight Automotive for OEM-style replacements from Corvette Stainless Steel Brakes, Inc. We have selections suitable for all C3 model years plus pins, hoses and boots to ensure your C3 Corvette brake system stays in excellent condition.

Purchase C3 Aftermarket Brakes From Top Flight Automotive

If a C3 Corvette has earned its spot in your sports car collection, Top Flight Automotive has the brake system components you require for safety. Use the filters on each category page to narrow results by manufacturer, model year and price point. We are home to the world’s most expensive inventory of Corvette parts, with most items in-stock and ready-to-ship.

Top Flight Automotive looks forward to guiding you through your next restoration project. We’re part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, which has been working in the Corvette world for the last 40 years. Place your order for C3 brakes now, and contact us for further assistance.

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