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Fans of the Ford Mustang love to make suspension adjustments for a smooth behind-the-wheel experience. All drivers have a different preference for handling, rigidity and the overall feel of performance vehicles, so Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer customers a variety of performance products that pair with Mustang struts and shocks. Whether you want to lower your vehicle or it’s time for all-new suspension components, our team stocks our inventory with everything you need to enhance ride quality.

From daily driving to cornering at the race track, you require a robust set of struts and shocks to ensure your model adapts to bumps, sudden turns and changing terrain. Browse our online store for the following parts and accessories that keep your Mustang’s suspension system operating correctly and looking fresh:

  • Shock tower covers
  • Strut tower braces
  • Strut mount caps
  • Strut bar inserts


The Ford Mustang suspension system utilizes a MacPherson layout with shocks and struts joining wheel hubs at the top of each assembly. Under this design, Mustang suspension struts are an integral part of each vehicle’s steering system, where they support a great deal of front-end weight. This type of suspension setup calls for a unibody chassis, which leaves plenty of room for drivers to install upgraded parts for impact absorption, steering response and structural stability.

Mustang releases utilize the MacPherson suspension system because it is simple to repair and inexpensive to install, and the technology provides drivers with consistent handling results. If you’re thinking about making adjustments to your Mustang’s suspension system, look no further than Top Flight Automotive for parts compatible with releases from the third, fourth, fifth and sixth generations.¬†

We sell aftermarket Mustang parts from industry-leading manufacturers like American Car Craft, BBK Performance and Scott Drake all under one roof.


Changing out factory suspension pieces will require disassembling your Mustang’s strut towers. Located on the left and ride side of the engine compartment, strut towers fasten coil springs, ball joints and surrounding sections of your suspension system to a Mustang’s chassis. Mustang strut towers are visible when topping off fluids, checking oil levels and performing general upkeep, so we introduce you to styled replacement caps to keep your assembly in place.

Options from Scott Drake allow you to dress up fifth-generation S197 Mustangs with a 10-piece kit that installs in less than 15 minutes. These billet aluminum selections are durable and cover strut nuts for a unique look under the hood.


A strut tower brace links your Mustang’s strut towers together for handling improvements. Also known as “strut bars,” these additions prevent your vehicle’s chassis from warping when under constant stress on the road or race track. Tackle sharp corners without hesitation thanks to selections by¬†BBK Performance¬†suitable for 1986-2004 model years.

BBK Performance strut bars showcase tubular steel construction and are available in your choice of a chrome or powder-coated black finish. Transform the appearance of your Mustang’s engine bay with a simple bolt-on installation manufactured in the United States.


Top Flight Automotive welcomes fans of the Ford Motor Company to browse our expanding inventory of suspension parts for Mustang vehicles. All of our aftermarket products are engineered to outperform stock setups, and most orders qualify for same-day shipping after processing. We’re honored to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies building strong relationships within the Mustang community for over 40 years.¬†

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