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Ford Mustang Air Intake

A clean supply of air helps your Mustang produce the ideal air-to-fuel ratio inside the combustion chamber. From dirt and dust to moisture, numerous contaminants can take a toll on the air intake components. Turn to the Top Flight Automotive catalog when it’s time for an upgrade with new parts. We offer a broad selection of cold air engine intake performance parts and kits for Mustangs.

Air Intake Parts That Make All the Difference

When it comes to performance, we know Ford Mustang enthusiasts want to push their vehicles into new territories — our team feels the same way. That’s why we stock a wide range of Mustang air intake upgrades:

  • Air cleaner assemblies
  • Air cleaner covers
  • Air filters
  • Air intake kits
  • Engine cold air intake adapter kits
  • Engine intake manifolds
  • Fuel injection throttle body plenum gaskets
  • Hood vents
  • Mass airflow sensor adapters
  • Radiator support covers

Performance Air Cleaner Assemblies for Mustangs

Air cleaners with dents and imperfections perform less efficiently. Change the entire air cleaner assembly out for modern technology by Scott Drake. Top Flight Automotive offers performance air cleaner assemblies in circular shapes for a clean fit under the hood of your vehicle.

Most of the performance air cleaner assemblies we sell are made with the 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs in mind. Some assemblies in our catalog are stamped with steel like the stock components from Ford.

Replacement Mustang Air Filters

Pick out a direct-fit Mustang air filter for performance air cleaner assemblies. We sell circular and oval-shaped replacement Mustang filters from reputable brands like Scott Drake, K&N and Auto Accessories of America. 

Make sure you have a high-performance Mustang air filter to capture contaminants before they reach your fuel mixture. Note that some Mustang air filters are washable and can potentially increase horsepower.

Mustang Air Intake Kits for Sale

Searching for user-friendly air intake kits for your Ford Mustang? Turn to Top Flight Automotive for solutions by JLT Performance that do not require tuning out of the box. Choose a Ram Air Intake Kit compatible with the SN95 (1994-1998) and New Edge (1999-2004) models.

Keep your vehicle’s air intake charge chilled. Select Mustang performance air intake kits from JLT come with plastic intake tubes, heat shields, silicone couplers, reducers and clamps.

Ford Mustang Mass Airflow Sensor Adapters

Convert to a high-boost intake from JLT Performance knowing you can update sensors accordingly. Top Flight Automotive carries Ford Mustang mass airflow sensor adapters designed for vehicles like the 2003 and 2004 New Edge Mustang Cobras. Find adapter kits that ship with adaptor plates, gaskets and mounting screws for your project. Most of the mass airflow sensor adapters we stock are compatible with JLT tubes.

Shop Top Flight Automotive for Mustang Air Intake Parts

Top Flight Automotive is the premier choice for aftermarket air intake parts. Our dedicated staff ships most in-stock parts and accessories from our facility in Reedsville, Pennsylvania, within 24 hours. Shop our impressive selection of air intake parts and check out when you’re ready!

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