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Your fenders stop gravel, rainwater and sand from hitting the sides of your vehicle. Front and rear assemblies are also lines of defense for wheels and tires in case of a collision. When you notice dents and scratches on Corvette fenders, remember Top Flight Automotive for your repair and restoration needs.

We’re a leading source for replacement Corvette fenders and the tools and garage items you’ll need to finish your project. Fix or personalize your ‘Vette with components you can use year-round.

Fender Covers and Accessories From Manufacturers You Trust

Whether you’re handling repairs, you want your ride to stand out or you hope to boost its visibility at night, Top Flight Automotive sells the parts you need.

We only stock vehicle add-ons from trusted manufacturers. Rest assured you’re browsing fender items worth your time and energy — we bring you technology by General Motors, Scott Drake, CA, Fender Gripper and Auto Accessories of America.

Chevy Corvette Fender Cover Mats

When you’re working on the engine compartment, it helps to have a soft surface to place screwdrivers, pliers and other items between adjustments. Corvette fender covers by Fender Gripper are must-have garage accessories for any enthusiast.

Drape a PVC and nylon cover over surfaces to soften the impact of dropped tools. Forget about chips and smudges that are otherwise left behind after a mishap in the garage. Find nonslip cover mats you can use with all eight ‘Vette generations.

Our selections from Fender Gripper are available with Corvette graphics like Stingray, Crossflag and Mach 1 logos. You can clean most fender cover accessories by rinsing them with water in case of coolant, lacquer and oil spills.

Corvette LED Fender Lights for Sale

Some C5 (1994-2004) and C6 (2005-2013) Corvettes showcase driver- and passenger-side fender vents. These openings give vehicles style points and help guide air to the front braking components. Dress up your ‘Vette using superbright LED fender light kits from Corvette America.

Top Flight Automotive is your source for blue, white and red fender lights you can activate via a switch. 

C7 Engine Compartment Inner Fender Coverings

When you lift the hood on your Corvette, you’ll notice coverings above the fenders. These attachments shield wheel wells from heat and engine fluid leaks. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inner fender coverings are jet black. Some drivers prefer to integrate covers that are the same color as exterior paint.

Pick out painted inner fender covers by GM. You can change the look of your C7 (2014-2019) Corvette engine compartment with blue, gray, red, white and gloss black covers. Purchase inner fender coverings for the Stingray, Z06 and Grand Sport Corvettes.

Trust Top Flight Automotive for Corvette Fenders, Covers and Accessories

We speak fluent Corvette at Top Flight Automotive, meaning we will lead you to components that fit your sports car right out of the box. The search tools on our site put you in control.

Purchase Corvette fenders, covers and accessories from our collection! Most in-stock parts process and ship on the same day you order.

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