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Chevrolet Corvette Heating and Air Conditioning

You rely on the heating and air conditioning system of your Corvette to stay comfortable behind the wheel. When you’re ready to take a DIY repair into your own hands, Top Flight Automotive is your source for HVAC system components. We stock solutions for legendary Corvette generations and submodels so you can purchase all the restoration and repair parts you need under one wing.

Selling the HVAC Components You Need

Turn to Top Flight Automotive when your Corvette’s heating and air conditioning system leaks, makes strange sounds or only blows air at one temperature. We keep Corvette HVAC solutions in stock for newer and retired vehicles. Look through our inventory to see:

  • A/C accumulators
  • A/C compressors
  • A/C compressor wiring harnesses
  • A/C condensers
  • A/C condenser mount kits
  • A/C evaporator cores
  • A/C evaporator hoses
  • Air distribution ducts
  • Blower motor wiring harnesses
  • Cabin air filters
  • HVAC heater control panels
  • HVAC heater control valves
  • HVAC heater cores
  • HVAC heater hoses
  • HVAC push button kits

Corvette Air Conditioning Compressors

Without an A/C compressor, your vehicle is unable to transform refrigerants from gases into liquids and back. This process is essential for controlling the temperature of cool air blowing through your cabin.

Top Flight Automotive offers the parts you need to replace the stock A/C compressor in your Corvette when you’re experiencing an issue. Swap out your outdated air conditioning compressor for a new unit made by a reliable manufacturer like ACDelco, Auto Accessories of America, Old Air Products or CA.

Many of the A/C compressors we sell are engineered for the 1960s-2000s Corvettes. Select compressors are available in kits that come with clutches, front expansion valves and O-rings.

Blower Motor and HVAC Wiring Harnesses for Corvettes

Have you turned on the heat or A/C lately to find that little to no air comes out of the cabin vents? That could indicate something is off with your stock blower motor wiring harness. Turn to Top Flight Automotive when you need to replace the wiring that connects electrical systems across your HVAC setup. Make sure the blower motor and surrounding systems have adequate power with our selection of ground and wiring harnesses for retired ‘Vettes.

Restore electrical connections on your C1, C2 or C3 series vehicle with direct-fit technology available from Lectric Limited, Inc.

Corvette Heater Control Valves

Heater control valves are responsible for feeding coolant into the HVAC heater core. As you turn the heater dial up or down, the valves regulate the amount of coolant needed to bring the cabin to the desired temperature.

Rely on Top Flight Automotive for heater control valves that fasten inside your HVAC system without alterations. We stock parts from Auto Accessories of America and Old Air Products that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Shop our Site for Corvette Air Conditioning and Heating Components

Keep your vehicle’s cabin comfortable with generation-specific A/C and heater components from our catalog. We research the brands we carry to make sure everything in our inventory lives up to your standards. Browse our site using helpful filtering tools and order the Corvette parts you need online.

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