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Anyone with a passion for sports cars classic and new has heard of the Chevy Camaro. These one-of-a-kind vehicles date back to the 1960s, when the experts at Chevrolet needed a new way to compete with the Ford Mustang. The platform for the car would have to be wide, smooth and aggressive, and that’s exactly what consumers saw during the first-generation launch in 1967.

The Chevy Camaro is a reflection of the pony car craze that grabbed the attention of Americans across the country. Famous for its 50-year history with production runs spanning six unique series to date, the Camaro has a gripping story and an impressive pedigree. If you happen to have a vintage or modern Camaro in your collection, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for parts that keep your investment in top operating condition.

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A Variety of Camaro Parts Available at Top Flight Automotive

The sky is the limit for your restoration or upgrade project when you turn to our team for Camaro aftermarket parts. The majority of our offerings are engineered to fit your model without having to permanently modify your collector car. Whether you have a first-generation SS package sitting in your garage or use a sixth-generation ZL1 as a daily driver, Top Flight Automotive is dedicated to bringing you world-class products from the brands you know and trust.

We carry selections from companies like Scott Drake, Auto Accessories of America, Distinctive Industries and beyond for your satisfaction. Few businesses out there are willing to guide you through the installation process and provide the exceptional customer service that Top Flight Automotive delivers every day. We help you make an informed purchase for your favorite ride with Camaro parts including:

  • Intake manifolds
  • Carburetors
  • Convertible top boots
  • Fan shrouds
  • Shifter handles
  • Pedal covers
  • Oil caps
  • Power steering reservoir caps
  • Lock knob replacements

Camaro Intake Manifolds

A vehicle’s intake manifold is responsible for delivering a consistent flow of air to Camaro engine cylinders. Without these devices, it’s possible for dirt and other contaminants to make their way into the fuel mixture. Your internal combustion engine has to breathe in order to utilize its full horsepower, so Top Flight Automotive is home to numerous products by Holley.

Our Holley intake manifold listings are compatible with small block and big block engines seen in iconic Chevrolet vehicles. If your factory manifold has rust or punctures or is missing hardware, one of our sales representatives can steer you in the right direction after hearing further details about your vehicle.

Classic Camaro Convertible Top Boots

Select 1967-1969 first-generation Camaro models were manufactured in a convertible layout. This design gave drivers and passengers the experience of a lifetime with a 6.5 liter V8 under the hood. Now that these releases are more than five decades old, it’s common for wear and tear to occur around the surfaces exposed to sunlight, water and inclement weather.

At Top Flight Automotive, we give you the opportunity to change out your factory top boot to prevent pollen, dust, insects and other debris from falling behind rear passenger seats. Treat your 1967, 1968 or 1969 Camaro convertible to classic top boot parts in Chevrolet-based colors for an original or custom appearance. Most top boots by Distinctive Industries arrive with hardware for your installation, and our extensive selection enables you to pick from best-selling shades like the following:

  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Bright Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Gold
  • Ivory

Chevy Camaro Fan Shrouds

First- and second-generation Camaros are rare amongst collectors. Early variants defined the Camaro as a compact pony car that could perform on the street or in a racetrack setting, so it’s crucial to maintain original engine components for authenticity. Take care of the engine compartment without an issue using the small block and big block fan shrouds on our online store.

Fan shrouds play an important role in your Camaro’s cooling system. These pieces sit near the radiator and ensure the fan blades guide air in an appropriate direction. Whether your OEM fan shroud has cracks or went missing, we’re your source for direct-fit replacements from top-of-the-line manufacturers like Auto Accessories of America.

Place an order for a 1967-1979 fan shroud at Top Flight Automotive to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce risks of engine overheating
  • Quiet the engine compartment for a comfortable driving experience
  • Stop engine fluids from coating fan blades
  • Boost airflow to your Camaro’s radiator

Shifter Handles for the Chevy Camaro

Drivers rely on shift handles to change gears. Over time, it’s possible for handle surfaces to tarnish or fade due to oils on the skin, cabin spills and UV exposure. That’s why Top Flight Automotive carries replacement shift handles that swap out in minutes for cosmetic appeal and functionality.

Our staff is proud to introduce customers to OEM-inspired Camaro parts for sale that cater to fan-favorite production years. Options brought to you by Scott Drake are excellent for fifth-generation 2010-2014 Camaros. Get the most out of your LS3 engine with over 400 horsepower thanks to shifter handles built for accuracy and control.

Camaro Manual and Automatic Pedal Covers

Looking for a way to customize the cabin area of your late-model Camaro? Top Flight Automotive allows you to change the appearance of manual and automatic pedals with Scott Drake inserts for the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal. Get everything you need to impress fans at the racetrack with complete bundles that transform your vehicle’s floor.

Pedal covers work with 2010-2014 Camaro layouts and consist of billet aluminum materials for durability. Scott Drake selections fasten in place using specialized hardware for a perfect fit.

Camaro Engine Dress-Up Caps

Vehicle owners require engine compartment caps to create tight seals under the hood. If your Camaro is missing toppers, our staff members fill our inventory with genuine replacements that display brand lettering scripts. Our selection includes 2010-2014 Camaro oil and steering reservoir caps in black and billet aluminum finishes.

Camaro aftermarket caps are a budget-friendly way to separate your sports car from others on the road. Order parts that draw attention anytime you lift the hood at gas stations, automotive shops and Chevrolet outings.

Order Classic and Modern Camaro Parts from Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive supports the Extra Mile Brands family of companies known for having roots in the Chevrolet community for over 40 years. Aside from having one of the largest collections of Camaro parts online, we separate ourselves from the competition with price match guarantees, free catalogs and email promos for our customers we call family.

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