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Collectors and restoration experts go to great lengths to repair and customize Mustang vehicles. With production dating back to the mid-1960s, the Ford Motor Company has something new in store for consumers with every generation release. From first-generation Shelby models to impressive sport packages of the 21st Century, it’s safe to say that Mustang pony cars are in high demand.

Once you get your favorite ride up and running, exterior accessories are a great way to showcase your personality and unique style. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we are passionate about all six Mustang generations, and our online store is always expanding with new additions for the aggressive vehicles in Ford’s lineup. One way to separate yourself from other drivers on the road is to purchase a Mustang license plate frame that draws attention to front and rear bumper areas.

Why Purchase Mustang License Plate Frames?

Mustang license plate frames and covers are a perfect finishing touch to restoration and customization projects. Whether you’re fixing up a late 1960s release or use a sixth-generation model as a daily driver, our license plate accessories attach in seconds to complement your vehicle’s paint job, trims and exterior surfaces. Being your source for the largest selection of Mustang parts and accessories online, Top Flight Automotive has products from industry-leading manufacturers such as American Car Craft, Daniel Carpenter and Mr. Mustang.

Discover Mustang license plate covers for iconic releases such as the S197, S550 models and more with the help of Top Flight Automotive.

First-Generation Mustang Chrome License Plate Frames

Take pride in your first-generation Mustang with chrome license plate covers on our online store. Our listings brought to you by Mr. Mustang are compatible with 1964-1973 production years and arrive with two upper mounting holes for placement. Weighing just 0.8 pounds, these products add an extra level of shine to your classic Mustang and are available with the following details:

Stainless Steel Mustang License Plate Frames

Drive a fifth-generation Mustang S197? Top Flight Automotive carries stainless steel license plate frames with slotted designs to match grilles, exhaust tips and exterior trim pieces. We proudly partner with American Car Craft to introduce you to accessories that transform the back end of your 2013 release.

Stainless steel Mustang license plate frames stand strong against corrosion, are easy to clean and give your vehicle a racing-inspired appearance.

Ford Mustang Performance License Plate Frames

Ford fanatics rely on sixth-generation models for smooth handling, hair-raising top speeds and horsepower ranges exceeding 450. If you have a Coyote V8 under the hood, show off to fellow enthusiasts by purchasing a performance license plate frame with your choice of vinyl inlays and a chrome finish. Suitable for 2015-2016 S550 models, our inventory contains Mustang license plate frames with signature Coyote texts across the bottom.

Choose vinyl inlays in the following custom colors:

  • Brushed Black
  • Bullitt Green
  • Ford Blue
  • Bright Red
  • Orange Fury
  • White
  • Purple
  • Yellow

Custom Mustang License Plate Frames for Your Vehicle

When it comes to Mustang license plate frames, you’re in luck — Top Flight Automotive carries what you want for every ‘Stang generation. Our listings let you change the look of your model with little effort.

1965-1973 Classic Mustang License Plate Frames

Show off the year of your Classic Mustang using a Scott Drake license plate frame. We’re your source for chrome license plate frames showcasing the Mustang running horse with bold 1960s and 1970s dates across the surface. If you’d rather display the name of the specific model you own, you’ll also find a variety of license plate frames with Boss 302, Boss 351 and Boss 429 scripts on them.

1974-1978 Mustang II License Plate Frames

A chrome license plate is a stylish addition for valuable Mustang II sports cars. We offer 1974-1978 Ford Mustang license plate frames with subtle and bold designs for personalization. Wherever you go, others will make no mistake as to what model you’re driving.

1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang License Plate Frames

Proud of your Foxbody Mustang GT? Consider any of our third-generation Mustang license plate frames for your ride. Our inventory features Mustang GT chrome plated license plate frames that look great on the 1979-1993 vehicles. Fasten the accessories to your sports car for style points.

1994-2004 SN95 Ford Mustang License Plate Frames

Celebrate the Mustang brand by decking out your 1994-2004 sport model with the latest accessories on the market. Top Flight Automotive supplies you with a growing collection of SN95 and New Edge license plate frames for the ultimate customization project. Pick from styles displaying Mustang themes in blue and black fonts.

2005-2014 S197 Mustang License Plate Frames

Drivers come to the Top Flight Automotive site for S197 Ford Mustang license plate frames from first-rate companies like American Car Craft. Add a colorful license plate frame to your ride with select listings featuring 5.0 characters and brand logos like the tri-bar pony.

You can also customize your sports car using carbon fiber frame panels engineered by Anderson Composites. Make your license plate and frame pop when you fasten all-black carbon fiber sections on your vehicle for some contrast.

2015-Present S550 Ford Mustang License Plate Frames

Tell others you have a Coyote engine underneath the hood of your 2015-present Mustang. Top Flight Automotive is your source for the latest engine technology from the Ford Motor Company. Use Coyote-inspired custom license plate frames to dress up your S550 sports car with accessories your competitors will see when you leave them in the dust on the track.

Purchase Mustang License Plate Covers From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Mustang exterior accessories online. If you have questions about compatibility, all of our sales representatives are glad to assist during our normal hours of operation. Being in the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, Top Flight Automotive is proud to be part of a team that has assisted the Mustang community for more than 45 years.

Place your order for Mustang license plate frames today, or reach out online for further information.

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