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Second-generation Mustangs experienced production runs between 1974 and 1978. At this point in American history, engineers at Ford adapted to rising gas prices by making the Mustang II more fuel-efficient. Featuring lightweight exterior builds and a smaller chassis, second-generation Mustangs reflect the automotive industry’s shift when automakers had to comply with emission guidelines of the 1970s.

The Ford Motor Company worked tirelessly to provide consumers with a sporty vehicle that could compete against foreign imports. Consisting of only coupe designs, the Mustang II era stands out to sports car enthusiasts as a period of experimentation in production. Whether you own a mint condition 1974 Ford Mustang or race through town in a 1978 variant, Top Flight Automotive carries a variety of aftermarket parts to restore your Mustang II.


Having a Mustang II in your sports car collection is an excellent way to strike up conversation and turn heads at Ford outings. If you plan on taking your 1974 release to sporting events, you’re going to need reliable locks to deter theft. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive stocks our inventory with industry-leading lock kits for safety and security.

Place an order for manual lock components that work with your factory doors. We offer bundles that include OEM-inspired key shapes for an authentic look and feel.


Early Mustang II models feature a stock disc brake system for bringing your vehicle to a complete stop. If your stock brake pedal has seen better days, Top Flight Automotive helps you swap out your worn pedal pad with reproductions on our online store. Rubber pad upgrades help you control your Mustang II braking system thanks to a treaded platform for increased grip.


It used to be a challenge to find replacement parts for 1974-1978 Mustangs. Thankfully, Top Flight Automotive makes it possible to perform routine maintenance on your favorite ride thanks to our selection of¬†Mustang II oil pans. If your original oil pan has cracks or leaks, check our selection of replacements ‚ÄĒ we carry products from California Pony Cars compatible with 260, 289 and 302 V8s.

Ensure your Mustang II has a clean source of oil for proper lubrication. Oil pan replacements arrive with a chrome finish and mount without the need for permanent modifications.


All vehicles in the Mustang II lineup have an air cleaner near the top of the engine. The purpose of the air cleaner is to catch dirt, debris and contaminants that would interfere with your Mustang’s fuel mixture. Now that second-generation Mustangs are over 40 years old, you may be in the market for a¬†replacement assembly.

Top Flight Automotive supplies Mustang parts for fan-favorite releases including 1976, 1977 and 1978 production runs. Eliminate dents, corrosion and grime by placing an order for a 14-inch x 3-inch air cleaner made by California Pony Cars. Air cleaner assemblies give your vehicle a boost in horsepower and showcase an eye-catching chrome finish to turn heads each time you open the hood.


Top Flight Automotive separates itself from the competition with a highly experienced sales staff willing to answer questions about your specific build. Being part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, our professionals pride themselves on being part of a team serving the Mustang community for more than 40 years. Browse 1974-1978 Mustang parts on our online store and place your order today, or contact our team with any questions. 

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