C4 Corvette Performance Parts

C4 Corvette Performance Parts

The fourth-generation Corvette (C4) saw production runs by Chevrolet from 1984 through 1996. Featuring a new chassis framework, sleek design finishes and futuristic look for its time, the C4 still stands as a fan favorite across the Corvette community today. These vehicles hit the consumer market with impressive engine configuration options such as the ZR-1 5.7-liter V8, which would gain racing success into the 1990s.

Why might consumers want a C4 model? The C4 generation is a great way to enter the Corvette world as models are available at an affordable price point today. Whether you are just now purchasing a C4 model or are looking to enhance your favorite sports car, Top Flight Automotive can help you achieve top speeds and incredible handling with our selection of C4 performance parts.

C4 Corvette Air Intake Performance Parts

Feeding your C4 engine a cooler source of air can add 22 horsepower with the Corvette Vortex Rammer Cold Air System. This device at Top Flight Automotive takes pressurized air from your C4\'s radiator cavity and sends it through the radiator shroud into a specially designed scoop. As air travels into the sealed box of the Rammer, your C4 Corvette receives temperature-controlled airflow for better high-speed performance.

Installing the Corvette Vortex Rammer Cold Air System requires a cut-out of the radiator shroud. Instructions and hardware are included with purchase.

C4 Corvette Front Air Dams, Spoilers and Rear Wings

The Top Flight Automotive selection of front air dams and spoilers guide air away from your C4 when traveling at highway speeds. Our front-end attachments reduce the aerodynamic drag of your C4 model for better traction control, improved handling and greater mileage.

Rear wings from our online store are an efficient way to improve style and performance across your C4 Corvette. Wings prevent back-end lift and push air downward at high speeds for traction. Choose between Aerotech, Collector, Design and Street Style functions for your 1984-1996 Corvette.

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