C2 Corvette Interior Parts - 1963-1967

C2 Corvette Interior Parts

Second-generation Corvettes are some of the most iconic American muscle cars ever made. The C2 series was only on the market from 1963 to 1967, but it left a lasting mark on Corvette history. These models redefined what it meant to be a racing-style car with their sleek, aggressive body style and powerful performance.

C2 Corvettes were also designed for enhanced interior comfort. Compared to first-generation Corvettes, C2 models offered more cabin space for passengers and storage. 

Top Flight Automotive is your trusted source for Corvette parts and accessories. Our extensive inventory contains listings for every C2 model year, including 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967 Corvette interior components.

Why Restore Your C2’s Interior?

Your C2 holds unique value in the sports car world as a rare Corvette with a distinct look and feel. C2s are easily distinguishable by their pop-up headlights and elongated noses, but their interiors offer drivers exceptional comfort and control for a superior behind-the-wheel experience. 

Now that C2 Corvettes are more than 50 years old, your vehicle’s interior stock components may be starting to show signs of deterioration. Damage like fading, tears and stains can make your C2 look like it’s in poor condition and decrease its value.

Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for your C2 restoration project. Our online store features a wide range of interior replacement parts for C2 Corvettes, including:

  • Carpets
  • Steering wheels
  • Door panels
  • Floor mats
  • Instrument panels
  • Seat covers
  • Armrests
  • Dashboard components
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Interior paints and dyes

C2 Corvette Interior Carpets

Every time you get in your Corvette, you may track in various amounts of dirt, road debris, moisture and other external elements that can affect your carpet’s condition. 

If you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your original carpets and still notice stains or tears, it may be time to check out our replacement carpets from Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. (ACC). These carpets are made from historically accurate loop material with the correct foam backing and accommodate both coupes and convertibles. They are available in numerous Chevrolet-inspired colors, including:

  • Black
  • Bright Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Red
  • Saddle
  • Silver
  • Teal

If you want to dampen road noise and add insulation to your C2, consider adding a carpet insulation kit to your order. These kits include extra padding that fits under your new carpet upgrade for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

C2 Corvette Interior Door Panels

Each time you climb inside your C2, you touch your interior door panels. These panels cover all the components mounted inside the door assembly to protect them from sunlight and moisture. Keeping your interior door panels in good condition helps maintain the look and functionality of your doors and contributes to your car’s collector value.

If your interior door panels are worn, stained, torn, warped or otherwise damaged, consider replacement panels from Top Flight Automotive. We carry door panels in the original colors that are designed to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications to give you the perfect fit. 

You’ll find a range of options to suit your preferences and budget. Choose from replacement vinyl panels with an OEM look and feel or premium leather panels for a cosmetic upgrade. Our options include sets pre-installed with trim strips, felt, bezels, lock knobs and other hardware for a streamlined installation process.

C2 Corvette Seat Covers and Foam

Seat covers are vital to a comfortable driving experience. Over time, your C2 seats can become worn or damaged with the seat foam compressing or disintegrating from use, but new seat covers and foam are a great solution to help preserve your driver and passenger seats. 

At Top Flight Automotive, we carry both leather and vinyl seat covers to restore the look of your C2 seats. We have reproduction options that provide the perfect fit and texture. Depending on your selection, you can choose from fan-favorite Chevrolet hues like Saddle, Blue, Black, Red and Green.

You’ll also find expertly crafted black leather seat covers at great prices, making these seat covers the perfect choices for the budget-minded, everyday driver.

Our seat covers and seat foam are available individually or in sets to meet your specific needs. 

C2 Corvette Steering Wheels

Your steering wheel contributes to your Corvette’s interior look and handling capabilities. After years of use, your original can begin to look and feel worn. If your C2 steering wheel has seen better days, elevate your driving experience with new steering wheel components from Top Flight Automotive.

We carry authentic replacement steering wheels compatible with 1963-1966 Corvettes. These steering wheels have a historically accurate, three-spoke design with a walnut-colored ring for an authentic look and feel. 

Our extensive inventory contains a range of individual steering wheel components, such as hubs and screws. You’ll also find various horn parts, including ring bolts, buttons and contacts. If you have a broken or malfunctioning horn contact, order the repair kit that comes with spacers, shims and screws to help restore your horn to proper working order.

C2 Corvette Interior Packages

Purchase at least three of these major interior components to save big on your order:

  • Door panels
  • Seat covers
  • Dash pads
  • Carpets

When you buy these items together, you’ll save money and receive all the components you need in one convenient package. What’s more, you’ll get an ideal color match by purchasing your C2 interior parts from the same source.

Order C2 Interior Parts From Top Flight Automotive Today

Browse our selection of C2 interior parts to find high-quality products from industry-leading brands like Auto Accessories of America, Classic Car Dashes, Corvette America and numerous others. We offer affordable prices to help you minimize your costs, and we price match the competition to give you the best value on your purchase.

If you need help finding the right interior parts for your C2, reach out to our professionals today. We’ve delivered exceptional service to the Corvette community for over four decades as part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. What’s more, our expert team brings 175 years of combined sales experience to the job. We’ll be happy to lend our expertise to help you with your next restoration project. 

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