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Chevrolet Corvette Hardware

Customizing your Corvette with performance upgrades is thrilling. To pull your project off, you’ll require specific hardware pieces. Top Flight Automotive guides you through projects with diverse Corvette performance hardware for sale, including fasteners for C1-C7 Corvettes. It’s our mission to stock the most Corvette parts online and ship items as quickly as possible.

Reasons to Choose Corvette Performance Hardware

Corvette performance hardware works just as well or better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screws, bolts and washers. When you hope to integrate aftermarket technology into your sports car, the selections we carry are useful for making sure upgrades are well-supported when you’re driving.

Pick from steel and stainless steel Corvette hardware to combat the elements and help your ride function to the best of its ability.

Top Flight Automotive helps you work on your vehicle independently with much-needed Corvette hardware:

  • Air dam supports
  • Clamp-on hose fittings
  • Engine valve cover bolt kits
  • Exhaust header bolts
  • Exhaust studs
  • Fuel hose fittings
  • Fuel pump clamps
  • Ignition breaker point adjustment screws
  • Leaf spring axle U-bolts
  • Manual transmission shift rod clips
  • Park brake cables

Corvette Air Dam Supports Online

Trying to add a front air dam to a C4 (1984-1996) Corvette? Find all the mounting hardware you need to finish your customization job from Top Flight Automotive. Our catalog is home to air dam mounting kits by CA to make sure your job goes according to plan.

Make changes to a 35th Anniversary, base or ZR-1 fourth-gen Corvette with screws, clips, washers and other pieces you’ll need for positive results. Corvette air dam supports are model- and year-specific, so verify the kit you’re looking at online is compatible with your car before purchasing.

Exhaust Header Bolts for Corvettes

Change from an exhaust manifold to a performance header with the hardware available through our site. Top Flight Automotive stocks exhaust header bolts that showcase locking technology to prevent the fasteners from loosening. Locking exhaust header bolts from Auto Accessories of America come with special washers that grip the bottom bolt head and exhaust header surfaces for exceptional support.

Forget about vibrations interfering with exhaust header connections. You can remove and reuse select C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7 header bolts by Auto Accessories of America for projects you might complete down the road.

Corvette Exhaust Manifold Studs Available

Some drivers prefer to repair or restore vehicles with parts that exceed OEM specifications. Turn to Top Flight Automotive when you want to upgrade the stock exhaust manifold on your C2 (1963-1967) Corvette.

Fasten exhaust manifold studs with brass nuts to keep exhaust gases moving in the correct direction. We stock exhaust manifold stud kits with upwards of 18 pieces from Auto Accessories of America. Choose kits that come with long studs, short studs, brass nuts and locking washers.

Make Top Flight Automotive Your Source for Corvette Hardware

Increasing the performance outputs of your Chevy Corvette is easier with the right hardware. Shop Top Flight Automotive’s Corvette hardware collection to potentially improve bumper, carburetor, exhaust header, ignition and transmission system stability. Order today for quick shipping!

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