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Protecting systems under the hood of your Ford Mustang is key to its longevity. You’ll want to keep contaminants like dust, dirt and water away from intakes and connections. The best way to do this is to integrate new gaskets and seals where applicable.

Top Flight Automotive is on your side when it comes to repairs and restoration jobs. Trust us for high-quality technology that is user-friendly and compatible with your ‘Stang.

Direct-Fit Gaskets and Seals

The Ford Mustang gaskets and seals available in our catalog are developed by domestic and international brands known for putting an exceptional amount of detail into the parts they create. Gaskets and seals must be the correct size, thickness and material to serve your vehicle well. We offer technology from trusted manufacturers like Metro Moulded Parts, Daniel Carpenter, Mr. Mustang and Auto Accessories of America.

Many of the solutions we offer for your muscle car are produced with EPDM rubber to retain their integrity in diverse weather conditions. Shop for your vehicle’s generation — Top Flight Automotive carries gaskets and seals for Classic and Fox Body Mustangs.

Pick From Several Mustang Gaskets and Seals Online

You’re likely shopping for a specific gasket or seal to fit your ‘Stang. Our experts keep an in-stock supply of components that allow you to restore your brake setup:

  • Brake dust shield gaskets
  • Brake master cylinder reservoir cap gaskets
  • Brake master cylinder seals
  • Park brake seals
  • Power brake booster seals

Mustang Brake Master Cylinder Seals

The brake master cylinder on your Ford Mustang regulates the flow of brake fluid. Each pedal press creates enough pressure to cause brake drums to expand or disc brake pads to press against the rotors.

Preventing brake fluid from leaking near the reservoir is essential. With brake master cylinder seals from our site, you can keep the openings safe from debris that kicks up from below your vehicle. We sell cover seals by Metro Moulded Parts that work with first- and second-generation Mustangs from 1965-1975.

Select brake master cylinder seals feature a tear-resistant design and will remain strong against sunlight.

Power Brake Booster Seals for Ford Mustangs

A power brake booster creates a vacuum-like seal between brake connections so the brake pedal is easy for you to press when slowing your vehicle. Airtight seals are key between the components that make up your brake booster setup.

Top Flight Automotive helps you find replacement power brake booster seals for the 1965 and 1966 Ford Mustangs. Add an all-black seal from Daniel Carpenter to your vehicle to potentially improve brake response.

Purchase Your Ford Mustang Brake System Gaskets and Seals From Us

Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for Ford Mustang parts you can trust. If you find a part in our inventory, you can feel confident in its quality. We keep an eye out for the newest offerings from premiere brands so you can find multiple solutions for your ride under one wing. A large portion of our inventory is available for same-day shipping, so place your order today!

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