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Chevrolet Corvette Performance Fuel System

Pushing your Corvette to drive as efficiently as possible probably starts with a look at the fuel system. Stock equipment works fine, but you likely have the chance to eliminate hiccups between connections with modern parts and add-ons.

Top Flight Automotive is your source for fuel system enhancements, offering a wide range of direct-fit components under one wing.

What Fuel System Parts Are Available?

On our site, you’ll find Corvette-specific fuel system technology designed to give you confidence for DIY projects. We stock the following parts and more:

  • Air-fuel ratio gauges
  • Computer chip programmers
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Engine control modules
  • Fuel filters and brackets
  • Fuel hoses and kits
  • Fuel injection conversion kits
  • Fuel injection fuel rails
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel module upgrade kits
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel return lines
  • Fuel sample valves
  • Fuel tanks

Air-Fuel Ratio Gauges for Sale

Want to integrate an air-fuel ratio gauge inside your Corvette’s cabin? Top Flight Automotive stocks gauges made by AEM Electronics to help you stay in the know. Air-fuel ratio gauges are an aftermarket upgrade for Corvettes — the digital readouts explain whether your vehicle is dropping in fuel economy or burning fuel too lean.

Electric Fuel Pumps for Chevy Corvettes

Fuel pump technology has come a long way since many classic Corvettes were manufactured, especially since the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Choose a high-performance electric fuel pump assembly from our catalog. Some electric fuel pumps by Aeromotive, MSD, Edelbrock and Mallory work with C1-C8 models.

High-flow electric fuel pumps enable you to control your fuel supply more effectively. They also prime carbureted vehicles prior to starting. This is a solid practice for ‘Vettes that live in storage for parts of the year.

Fuel Injection Fuel Rails

Customize the appearance of your Corvette’s engine bay and aid fuel injectors in spraying the correct amount of fuel into the mixture. Top Flight Automotive stocks stylish fuel injection fuel rails and kits to help you maintain your ride’s sporty appearance while keeping horsepower levels steady. Update your C5, C6 or C7 sports car with black anodized billet fuel rails by Atomic.

We also carry perforated fuel rail covers that illuminate. Complete your project with CA or American Car Craft accessories that protect the fuel system and bring engine aesthetics to a new level.

Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Module Upgrade Kits

Want to keep your vehicle operating at full capacity 100% of the time? Top Flight Automotive supports your upgrade vision with Corvette fuel module kits that alter the way your vehicle consumes fuel.

Select listings in our collection plug into your Corvette’s OBD-II port to stop the active fuel management system from dropping below eight cylinders. That means you can see consistent fuel power without the shuddering. Other parts manufactured by Aeromotive fasten underneath your sports car to allow the stock fuel pump to be bypassed.

Shop Performance Fuel System Parts Online

Make Top Flight Automotive your first choice for fuel system technology. It’s hard to beat our price-match guarantee and vast catalog of highly rated parts. From email promotions to our customer-focused loyalty program, our team is always working to give you the most for your dollar.

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