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The Chevy Camaro is known around the world for Indianapolis 500 racing success, sleek styling, elongated builds and more than 50 years of innovation. Though original Camaro models debuted in 1967, sports car fans continue to look forward to new vehicle announcements every year. If you have a first or second-generation Camaro in your collection, Top Flight Automotive encourages you to shop our online store for replacement wheels, rims, tires and more.

A set of high-quality wheels is essential for smooth handling, high-speed control and a safe behind-the-wheel experience. We give you access to compatible installations from Legendary Wheels for a secure fit and long-lasting restoration results. Upgrade original components on your favorite ride to complement your personality and driving applications.


Fellow Chevrolet fans are drawn to Camaro wheels. Whether you’re entering your vintage car into parades or use your investment as a daily cruiser, it’s impossible for onlookers to ignore those sleek chrome finishes sitting near signature paint jobs, racing stripes and door trims. Now that first and second-generation Camaro releases are over 30 years old, your rims may be showing their age.

The automotive industry is always changing with updated standards for performance, so Top Flight Automotive allows you to bring your classic Camaro into the modern era with aluminum alloy wheels. Erase scratches, dents and imperfections across your factory setup with lightweight selections that outperform designs of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. All of our wheel products are engineered to install without the need for permanent modifications, ensuring your ride maintains its collector and resale value.


Give your 1967-1981 Camaro the upgrade it deserves with a variety of Magnum 500 alloy wheels on our online store. 5-spoke styles by Legendary Wheels grab attention anywhere you go with CNC-machined details for precision and a surface that is smooth to the touch. Magnum 500 wheels were originally seen on Super Sport editions in the Camaro lineup, but now you can mount these rims on any first or second-generation release.

Magnum 500 listings weigh 24 pounds and feature Gloss Black and Machined finishes to give your muscle car an aggressive appearance. These wheels are available individually, giving you the freedom to create traditional or staggered setups. Browse listings by your model year to see if the following sizes are compatible with your layout:

  • 15 x 7 inches
  • 15 x 8 inches
  • 16 x 8 inches

Our Magnum 500 Camaro wheels for sale consist of one piece. Center caps and hardware are sold separately.


For a seamless installation process, Top Flight Automotive carries hex lugnuts to adjust Camaro wheel studs. Find the correct thread size for your early Chevrolet release with standard 7/16-inch diameters. Adding the correct lugnuts to your order ensures accurate fastening for quick project turnarounds.

If you’re unsure which lugnuts are compatible with your order, our sales representatives are happy to help during normal business hours.


At Top Flight Automotive, our inventory is always expanding with new products and accessories for the Camaro, Corvette, Chevelle, Nova and other iconic vehicles. Being in the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, we’re part of a team with 40 years of experience serving the Chevrolet community with installation tips, advice and recommendations to help restoration projects go according to plan.

Order your Camaro wheels online today, or submit a contact form with any questions or inquiries. We’ll be in touch to help keep your ride rolling. 

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