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The eighth-generation Corvette is something we’ve all been waiting for, and now it’s finally here. Available to consumers as of 2020, Chevrolet has exceeded the expectations of sports car enthusiasts from around the world with the most powerful Stingray build in the brand’s 60-year history. Packed with 495 horsepower, top speeds of over 190 mph and the all-new rear-mounted LT2 V8 engine setup, C8 Corvettes are the perfect addition for any garage or showroom.

If you’re in the process of ordering a C8 Corvette from Chevrolet or are already tearing up the race track in your new daily driver, Top Flight Automotive carries everything you need to customize your ride for the ultimate behind-the-wheel experience. Browse through our online store for 2020 Corvette accessories that keep your vehicle looking sleek, custom and ready for anything you dish out from the driver’s seat. Discover C8 aftermarket accessories in the following categories:

  • Appearance accessories
  • Curb and parking sensors
  • Cleaning products
  • License plate frames
  • Luggage and duffel gear
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Monitors and cameras
  • Wireless charging accessories


C8 Corvette variants are known for their racing-inspired paint jobs, staggered wheel layouts and unique spoke designs. If you frequently park on the street or have multiple cars in your garage, consider adding assistive parking technology from Top Flight Automotive. We proudly introduce customers to selections manufactured by Brand Motion for preventing scratches on the go.

Install additional cameras and sensors along the exterior of your Corvette to gauge how close you are to curbs and walls. Depending on preference, you can configure assistive technology to sound an audible alarm or show you an up-close view of your front bumper when you get too close to an object. Listings on our online store are weatherproof for year-round use and rely on infrared LED technology for accuracy.

Save yourself from unwanted parking damage using the Curb Alert Park View PRO, ideal for steep driveways, uneven terrains and other hazards.


C8 Corvette models feature contoured exterior surfaces that grab attention in all settings. If you want to separate your all-new vehicle from others on the road, be sure to shop our license plate frames and covers for eighth-generation models. We stock our inventory with options consisting of billet aircraft aluminum specifically for C8 Stingrays.

Choose between license plate frames with chrome finishes and gloss black powder-coated surfaces that install in seconds for a quick customization. Our C8 Corvette license plate frames by Corvette America come with all necessary hardware for mounting.


Plan on taking your 2020 Corvette to Chevrolet outings or sporting events? Represent the latest additions to the Corvette brand with C8 luggage accessories equipped with Crossflag logos and scripts. We carry durable products made by Under Armour with water-resistant materials to keep your belongings dry on life’s next adventure.

Find C8 duffel accessories in shades of graphite, black and red that fit perfectly inside your vehicle’s cabin area.


Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies catering to the Corvette community for more than four decades. We help you get the most out of your C8 Stingray with a collection of interior and exterior accessories promoting safety, convenience and comfort. Place your order online today, and contact us online with any questions about our products or services.

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