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Your Corvette relies on oil for lubrication and cooling. Whether your vehicle leaks oil or you want to install updated technology, Top Flight Automotive supplies you with oiling system solutions for past and modern Corvettes.

Ensure your C1 to C8 model operates efficiently when you rely on us for components by domestic and international brands.

Parts You Can Count on to Lubricate an Engine

Our team consists of sports car fans like you, so we know how you put your Corvette’s engine to the test. Only components from top brands live up to your expectations for performance. You can make sure the upgrades you fasten inside the engine compartment and under your vehicle will last by purchasing technology by Scott Drake, Weiand, Top Street Performance and Auto Accessories of America through our site.

Maintain Your Corvette’s Oil System With Hard-to-Find Components

The oiling system on a Corvette keeps the engine healthy. Top Flight Automotive is home to common and rare oil system technology. Explore the options we sell online to take your repairs and upgrades seriously:

  • Engine oil dipstick and tube kits
  • Engine oil filler caps
  • Engine oil filter remote mounting kits
  • Engine oil pans
  • Engine oil pan bolt sets
  • Engine oil pump pickup tubes
  • Engine oil pump pickup tube adapters

Corvette Engine Oil Dipstick and Tube Kits

Checking your engine’s oil level can help prevent overheating. Replace the dipstick on the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s Corvettes with solutions designed by Auto Accessories of America. Top Flight Automotive sells chrome dipstick and tube kits compatible with big-block and small-block engines.

Use dipsticks featuring Chevy bowtie emblems and ergonomic handles. The replacement dipstick and tube kits we stock are useful when your original equipment manufacturer setup bends or collects grime.

Oil Filter Relocation Kits for Corvettes

Accessing the engine oil filter on a Corvette can be challenging. This process requires you to get underneath the car or lift your vehicle to complete an oil change. Use an oil filter relocation kit by Top Street Performance to make the engine oil filter easier to reach.

CNC-machined billet aluminum kit components are more durable than your Corvette’s stock equipment.

Corvette Engine Oil Pans Online

If the oil pan receptacle on your Chevy Corvette leaks or appears dirty, turn to our site for replacement technology from Weiand.

Change the oil pan on your ride with kits showcasing zinc-based components. Weiand Corvette engine oil pan listings are available in 4-, 6-, 7- and 8-quart capacities.

Corvette Engine Oil Pump Pickup Tubes

The engine oil pump pickup tube transports oil from the reservoir directly to the oil pump. Without this connection, your Corvette’s engine bearings, pistons and camshaft would build up heat until they couldn’t function correctly.

Tackle an engine oil pump tube problem at the source with Top Flight Automotive. Increase your Corvette’s oiling system’s carrying capacity.

Return to Top Flight Automotive for the Latest Oil System Parts

Top Flight Automotive employees are always adding the newest technology on the market to our catalog. We research all our online listings before giving them a spot in our inventory. Many parts, accessories and upgrades available through our site are produced in the USA, just like your Corvette.

Click through our massive in-stock oil system collection and check out to begin your project the right way!

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