C6 Chevrolet Corvette Brakes

C6 Chevrolet Corvette Brakes

A sports car like a C6 Corvette calls for powerful brakes. At Top Flight Automotive, we work hard to provide you with a wide range of sixth-generation Corvette brake systems, rotors, pads and related components you can use to keep your vehicle driving to your standards. We stock parts from world-class brands you can count on when it comes to performance.

Choose Your C6 Brake Parts From Our Catalog

Navigating the Top Flight Automotive catalog is straightforward — use helpful search tools and filters to pinpoint which solutions will fit your vehicle without complications. Many components are designed for road or track driving, so be sure to read the descriptions available with each listing.

Some of our top-selling C6 brake parts include:

C6 Corvette Brake Pad, Rotor and Caliper Kits

Hoping to replace multiple C6 Corvette brake components at once? Shop the Top Flight Automotive catalog for brake kits with rotors and calipers in one convenient package. We stock bolt-on upgrades for your ‘Vette that ship completely assembled. Open the shipping box, and you’re ready to finish the job.

Many of the C6 brake pad, rotor and caliper kits we sell from PowerStop feature bright red calipers, carbon fiber pads and slotted rotors for incredible airflow. Upgrade front and rear brake systems with matching parts.

Brake Pad Kits for Sale

Brake pads call for replacement from time to time. Our site is stocked with numerous C6 Corvette disc brake pad sets that provide a desirable behind-the-wheel experience. Stop with a reduced chance of leaving brake dust on rotor surfaces. We stock PowerStop pads produced with carbon fiber and metallic compounds for outstanding durability.

Benefit from an improved pedal feel inside the cabin and forget about pads wearing away quickly. Keep your C6 brake system quiet using thermal-scorched disc brake pad sets. Select PowerStop brake pad kits come with stainless steel hardware and high-temperature ceramic lubricants.

C6 Corvette Brake Rotors

Shop a growing collection of sixth-generation Corvette brake rotor upgrades. Top Flight Automotive offers brake rotors brought to you by SP Performance Rotors, PowerStop, Baer Brake Systems and Auto Accessories of America. Pick from black, silver and gold slotted rotors to change out the sections of your brake system that call for attention. Increase stopping power without modifying your ride.

We stock C6 Corvette brake rotors that perform well in wet and dry conditions. Ask one of our representatives for assistance if you’re unsure which slotted or standard rotors would work best for you.

Work With Top Flight Automotive for C6 Brakes

Top Flight Automotive is a dependable source for C6 Corvette brake components. We’re also dedicated to providing you with unmatched customer perks — get your brake parts from us for price matching, exclusive email promotions and a huge collection of parts that are in stock and ready to ship the day you order.

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