Ford Mustang Transmission - Automatic

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Ford Mustang Transmission – Automatic

Your Mustang’s transmission lets it reach top speeds and performance levels. An automatic transmission allows drivers to shift gears without manual input, creating a smoother driving experience.

It’s important to keep your automatic transmission in its best condition — if not, it becomes harder or even impossible to enjoy maximum performance. If you need Mustang automatic transmission parts, shop with Top Flight Automotive today. We carry components from leading manufacturers to boost your engine performance.

Mustang Torque Converters

Your Mustang’s torque converter is an essential component of the automatic transmission. Torque converters allow your engine to turn without direct interference from the transmission. They transmit torque to the shifting transmission, letting your vehicle accelerate. The more torque your engine produces, the faster your Mustang can move.

Torque converters need many functioning components to work properly. If your Mustang’s acceleration starts lacking power or slips between gears, you might need a new torque converter. Top Flight Automotive carries all the torque converter parts you need for your automatic transmission to run smoothly.

We offer torque converters for all Mustang generations. Shop for parts from leading brands and ensure your Mustang transmission stays in the best condition. Use our filter functions to find products that match your vehicle’s specifications.

You might also need to replace a single component of the torque converter instead of the entire system. Top Flight Automotive offers other Mustang torque converter parts, including:

Mustang Automatic Transmission Shift Levers

The transmission shift lever lets you move your Mustang into different gears. Each Mustang model and generation has a shift lever that matches the vehicle’s specifications. Top Flight Automotive carries shift levers for several Mustang generations, making it easy to replace them when needed. From a basic component to a pistol grip race shifter for racing applications, we have the tools you need.

We also sell important shift lever parts, including shifter bushings. A shift lever bushing replacement keeps your transmission functioning effectively. The bushing connects to your transmission and provides exact and smooth shifting.

Mustang Automatic Transmission Vacuum Modulators

The vacuum modulator signals the transmission of the incoming load type. In turn, the transmission shifts to accommodate the pressure and allows your Mustang to accelerate or decelerate.

Top Flight Automotive stocks the vacuum modulator parts you need to keep your automatic transmission running smoothly. Explore our inventory to find products for your Mustang’s generation and specifications.

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When you shop with Top Flight Automotive, you benefit from a broad selection of parts, dedicated customer service and quick shipping speeds. We’re passionate about Mustangs and eager to help you with your replacement or restoration project.

Explore our Mustang automatic transmission parts catalog online. Whether you plan to replace the entire transmission or a small piece, Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop. Use our search and filter features to find the precise component your transmission needs.

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