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Chevrolet Corvette Frame

Making changes to your Corvette’s frame calls for vehicle-specific parts. Get the correct components the first time when you shop Top Flight Automotive. Whether you’re searching for plugs, hardware, mounts or bracket pieces, we’re your source for Corvette frame solutions.

Frame Components Modeled After Stock Technology

Think of your Corvette’s frame as the foundation for all attachments, systems and electronics. It’s important to monitor your sports car’s frame to keep your vehicle rolling safely.

Top Flight Automotive supports you with Chevrolet-inspired replacement parts for the C1, C2, C3 and C4 models. Make adjustments to your car’s frame or replace missing pieces with:

  • Body access plugs
  • Body mounts
  • Body mount brackets
  • Body mount bracket nuts
  • Body mount cushions
  • Body mount nuts
  • Body mount plates
  • Body shims
  • Panel reinforcements

About Our Collection of Corvette Frame Parts

All items in our inventory are sourced from reliable manufacturers for quality you can count on. We sell frame parts from trusted brands like Metro Moulded Parts, Prothane, Auto Accessories of America, Corvette Rubber and CA. Many listings are manufactured with EPDM rubber, polyurethane materials or steel.

Corvette Body Access Plugs for Sale

Body access plugs stop moisture and dirt from coating frame surfaces and reaching the cabin. The rubber components are key to preventing premature wear and tear on surfaces that need to stay dry — but it’s possible for body access plugs to degrade after decades of driving.

With Top Flight Automotive, you can update body access plugs on C2 (1963-1967) and C3 (1968-1982) models. Replace worn or missing plugs that sit near the frame, doors, dashboard and power windows.

Chevy Corvette Body Mount Components

You need strong Corvette body mounts to merge frame sections with the rest of your vehicle. Find generation-specific body mount kits through our site with options for coupe and convertible Corvettes.

Ordering a kit is a surefire way to get all of the pieces you’ll need to secure your sports car’s chassis. From washers and bolts to rubber bushings, the body mount kits we sell from CA come with every component for the job.

Body Mount Cushions for Corvettes

Help your sports car’s frame withstand vibrations. We make it easy to purchase replacement body mount cushions for C1, C2 and C3 vehicles. Get assorted rubber bumpers that sit between hardware pieces and your car’s frame. The components in our inventory follow the dimensions and thicknesses of stock cushions from Chevrolet.

Work on Your Corvette With Top Flight Automotive’s Collection of Frame Parts

At Top Flight Automotive, we want you to keep your ride on the road for future generations. We add the highest-rated technology to our inventory to streamline your repair or restoration process. Many parts are engineered to exceed the specifications of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. Order the Corvette frame solutions you need for your next DIY job today!

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