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You’ve taken the time to get your Ford Mustang in fantastic condition, so now you’re ready to explore. Hitting the open road means hours of enjoyment behind the wheel, but you’ll want to hear your favorite tunes along the way. Most Mustangs are equipped with stereo systems at the factory, but what if you want more from your ride?

Top Flight Automotive sells various Ford Mustang radios for pony cars from the past and present era. If your stock entertainment system stops working or you wish for additional input options, we have the solutions you seek for an exciting drive.

We Offer Mustang Stereo Systems Online

Drivers have unique preferences for aftermarket radios. Some collectors want a stereo system that is identical to stock equipment, while others are interested in modern features like auxiliary inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and equalizer settings. Regardless of your restoration vision, Top Flight Automotive has Mustang radios for all driving applications.

Many of our audio products fit within your vehicle’s dash with zero need to modify surfaces. The Top Flight Automotive store also features replacement speakers, antennas and other accessories for an optimal listening experience. Only through our site will you discover Ford Mustang stereos for Classic, Foxbody, S197 and S550 series vehicles.

Mustang Radio Systems for Diverse Model Years

Taking out the radio in your ‘Stang gives you the freedom to integrate new technology that will better meet your needs. Sometimes drivers with retired vehicles want the latest audio offerings for their cars. Other times, you want to push modern Mustangs to new levels with additional audio equipment for a change in tone or volume.

At Top Flight Automotive, we carry stereo systems for some of the most memorable vehicle years in Mustang history:

The Top Flight Automotive site offers more Mustang audio listings than your local shops and retail stores. You can use the search tools available to review components by year. Keep in mind that we’re always adding new technology to our Mustang radio collection — so if you don’t see what you need now, we’ll likely sell the part soon.

Why Should I Change My Ford Mustang Radio?

Some Mustangs were assembled over 55 years ago. It’s common for the original wiring inside your factory radio to deteriorate because of weak soldering, temperature shifts, frequent use and damp conditions.

Replacing your factory-original radio improves the resale value of your pony car and boosts your degree of ownership satisfaction. There is no need to sit in silence or deal with a stereo system that fades in and out. Other reasons to upgrade your Mustang radio include:

  • Select products illuminate for visibility.
  • You can pair mobile devices in seconds.
  • Modern preamps improve sound playback.
  • You’ll experience less hissing and crackling through speakers.

All Sorts of Mustang Stereo Parts for Your Vehicle

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand that all drivers have particular restoration visions. Whether you want to replace parts on your original entertainment system or change to something new, we can assist. Our professionals are always expanding our store with the latest Mustang audio products for 1964 to present-day vehicles. Some of our most popular audio products fall under the categories below:

  • Antennas
  • Antenna covers
  • Antenna mounting kits
  • Media players and receivers
  • Radio mounting brackets
  • Radio knobs
  • Speakers

Top Flight Automotive Carries Mustang Audio Products From Elite Brands

Top Flight Automotive provides customers with Mustang stereo systems and components from reputable companies. If you want to hear your favorite songs in an all-new way, you can shop our collection of Mustang audio products by names like Auto Accessories of America, California Pony Cars, Custom Autosound Manufacturing, Inc. and others.

All of our products have compatible model years listed for transparency. Navigate our store to discover your options for famous Ford Mustang generations:

Classic Mustang Radios for Sale

There is nothing quite like driving a 1964-1973 Classic Mustang. When showing off your car, you’ll want to make sure your AM/FM radio works. You can rely on Top Flight Automotive for various Classic Mustang radio replicas that slide right into the dash. Find radio replacements that look like 1960s and 1970s stereos with modern upgrades.

Install original-style radios made by Auto Accessories of America. Our first-generation radio replacements come with chrome die-cast zinc faces and AM/FM slide knobs. Analog buttons allow you to cherish Classic Mustang aesthetics, but you benefit from equalizer controls, radio presets, a 3.5-millimeter input jack and Bluetooth functionality.

We have aftermarket radios for all Classic Mustang production years. Review product descriptions to see which direct-fit radios require you to change out original equipment manufacturer (OEM) speakers and antennas.

Classic Mustang Bluetooth Radios Available

Bluetooth capabilities make listening to music and taking calls in your vehicle simple. Beyond selling a variety of speaker replacements for 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs, we’re also known for our expansive catalog of Bluetooth radios. Help your Classic ‘Stang jump decades into the future with systems that keep your media playback completely wireless.

Choose radio units with an identical look to your OEM technology to keep the cabin authentic. Brands like Custom Autosound Manufacturing, Inc. have nailed the Classic Mustang radio faceplate designs, from the look of the chrome AM/FM dials to the Mustang branding scripts present on the technology.

If a CD player, LED display or custom equalizer settings are important to you, browse our selection of in-dash Classic Mustang Bluetooth radios from Pioneer. Illuminate the cabin with Classic Mustang stereo upgrades that can glow several different colors.

Mustang II Replacement Radios Online

The Mustang II generation (1974-1978) has a loyal following. Plenty of enthusiasts enjoy rolling up to races behind the wheel of these ‘Stangs that were inspired by the Ford Pinto. There’s a good chance you like listening to music in your second-gen Mustang, so Top Flight Automotive is here for you with upgrades from Custom Autosound Manufacturing, Inc.

Choose from 200- and 300-watt Mustang II radios that have auxiliary inputs, RCA outputs and AM/FM station presets without sacrificing the OEM stereo appearance. Get the level of power needed to run amplifiers for subwoofers and additional speakers for the ultimate listening experience.

Many of our Mustang II radios are equipped with faders to help you choose how much sound comes out of the speakers you have in the front or back of the cabin. With select Mustang II stereos, you can plug in a USB device to play a variety of files, including MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV tracks.

Foxbody Mustang Audio Accessories

The Foxbody Mustang generation is fuel-efficient and customizable, making these vehicles popular for restoration fans. If you like listening to your AM/FM radio, Top Flight Automotive sells 1979-1993 antenna accessories to help you regain control of the dial.

Use our Foxbody Mustang antenna base and cable kits to make sure your signal is crystal clear. Selections made by Daniel Carpenter are compatible with your vehicle out of the shipping box. Our plug-and-play Foxbody accessories ensure your restoration efforts stay simple.

S197 Mustang Replacement Radio Antennas

Radio antennas can break when exposed to automatic car washes, inclement weather and acts of vandalism. To bring your retro-style ‘Stang to like-new condition, Top Flight Automotive has billet antenna replacements available. Pick from chrome and all-black radio antennas to put the finishing touches on your 2005-2014 model. Our Scott Drake radio antennas are both durable and affordable for the ultimate addition to your ride.

S550 Mustang Antenna Covers

Radio antennas on newer Mustangs are compact, and they stick up slightly from exterior surfaces. You can give your pony car an aerodynamic upgrade when you order any of our S550 satellite radio and GPS antenna covers from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, California Pony Cars.

Mustang antenna covers will not interfere with satellite radio reception. Choose from various exciting colors to match your existing paint job or create some contrast for a custom presentation. The shark fin designs attach in a few moments using adhesive tape. Zero tools are necessary to complete the installation. Top Flight Automotive has S550 radio antenna covers in shades like:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Bullitt Green
  • Competition Orange
  • Grabber Blue
  • Legend Lime
  • Performance White
  • Race Red
  • Sunset Gold

Get Your New Mustang Stereo From Top Flight Automotive Today

Do you want incredible sound in your Mustang’s cabin? You can trust the professionals at Top Flight Automotive for high-quality audio products at some of the most competitive prices you’ll see online. With more than 175 years of experience on our sales team, we’ll steer you in the right direction toward solutions that are compatible with your aggressive Mustang. Unlike other retailers, we ship Mustang parts and accessories within the U.S. and overseas quickly.

Pick out a Ford Mustang radio, and make your purchase with us today. Feel free to contact our experts online for assistance.

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