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The C2 Corvette generation represents a crucial piece of American history, as well as the glory days of Chevrolet production. Hitting the consumer market between 1963 and 1967, the Corvette sports car line introduced the Sting Ray name with options of 250 to over 300 horsepower by the end of its era. No matter if you own a coupe or convertible C2, you have one of the most valuable sports vehicles in the Corvette community to date.

Top Flight Automotive is passionate about restoration projects for classic and modern Corvette vehicles. From the C1 to the C7, our team keeps your Corvette up and running for years at a time. If it is time for a new set of C2 Corvette wheels, look no further than Top Flight Automotive for your restoration needs.

C2 Corvette Direct-Bolt Knock-off Wheels

A vintage C2 Corvette is nothing without the signature knock-off wheels. As an iconic part of Corvette’s history, knock-off wheels were a sensation for both racing and styling applications. Naturally lighter than other steel materials, knock-off wheels were seen in Chevrolet production models from 1963 through 1966 and caught the eyes of consumers across the United States.

Here at Top Flight Automotive, our team is knowledgeable about classic and modern Corvettes. Dedicated to generations of restoration, style and performance, our experts want to keep your vintage model up and running for years to come. With our selection of Corvette America original style and bolt-on Corvette knock-off wheels, you can upgrade or restore your C2 Corvette for a pristine match to production runs of the 1960s.

What Are Corvette Knock-Off Wheels?

Knock-off wheels were a staple of the automotive industry during the 20th century. The goal of the knock-off wheel was to keep setups attached to an automobile through components that would mount and balance together. As Corvette owners drive forward, parts of the wheel rotate and tighten for secure placement.

Prior to lug nut methods for attaching wheels, knock-off configurations were utilized on race tracks for quick tire changes in the pit. As Chevrolet continued to advance the Corvette, spinners and wheel accessories accompanied knock-off wheels for a unique appearance to their sport vehicles.

Corvette Original Style Knock-Off Wheels

Top Flight Automotive makes it possible to restore your C2 Corvette in the modern era. Achieve originality without breaking the bank with our exact replicas of factory optional 1963-1966 knock-off wheels. Top Flight Automotive recruited restoration professionals as well as NCRS judges to help us retool and create our own replica knock-off wheels.

The days of saving up for an original set of Kelsey Hayes stock wheels are over. By purchasing a Corvette America knock-off wheel set from Top Flight Automotive, you receive:

  • 4 original style knock-off wheels
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Lead hammer
  • Complete instructions for installation

Top Flight Automotive makes it easy to shop for restoration knock-off wheels, as we display kits by model year. Depending on your C2, purchase parts individually or as bundles for a seamless installation process.

Our Selection of Corvette Direct-Bolt Knock-Off Wheels

Want the look of knock-off wheels with straightforward installation? Top Flight Automotive brings our customers original style knock-off wheels that bolt to your hubs. Corvette America Direct-bolt knock-off wheels are indistinguishable from production runs of the 1960s, but their innovative design allows for less maintenance and troubleshooting.

There is virtually no need for a hammer. Spinners mount to our patented wheel adaptors, and kits are compatible with the C2 Corvette generation. If you need assistance with direct-bolt knock-off wheels, our sales representatives are glad to provide input on the best methods for classic Corvette restoration.

Contact Top Flight Automotive for C2 Corvette Replica and Reproduction Wheels

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands Family of companies which has been serving the Corvette community for over 40 years. If you are performing a restoration project on your C2, shop our online store for spinner assembly sets, wheel and tire packages and accessories. Most orders are eligible for same-day shipping after processing, and our experts will assist you in identifying your vehicle for compatibility.

To receive more information about C2 aftermarket wheels, contact Top Flight Automotive today.

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