Third Generation Ford Mustang Interior

Third-Generation Ford Mustang Interiors

The inside of a Fox Body (1979-1993) Ford Mustang is colorful, attractive and spacious. Make the cabin reflect your personality with the help of Top Flight Automotive’s interiors catalog. Browse parts and accessories made to the dimensions of your muscle car for a cohesive presentation.

Whether you’d like to change the characteristics of seats, bring new technology inside your ride or restore broken surfaces near the steering wheel, our site is your source for the components you need.

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Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for third-generation Mustang parts. We cater to every model year in the Fox Body lineup. Work on muscle cars like the 20th Anniversary, base, Cobra, hatchback or GT Mustangs without hesitation.

We stock the third-gen Mustang interiors you’re after, including:

Fox Body Mustang Carpets

Choose luxurious carpet replacements for your third-gen ‘Stang from Auto Custom Carpets. Our catalog features aftermarket carpet upgrades made in the stock shades of the Ford Motor Company. Whether you’re looking for signature colors like Regatta Blue, Oxblood, Sandalwood, Maroon or Graphite, you can count on us for carpet styles that feel comfortable under your feet.

Replacement Gauges for Fox Body Mustangs

Dealing with an unresponsive instrument cluster gauge? Top Flight Automotive makes it possible to restore individual sections of your instrument cluster with fuel gauges, bezels and surrounding solutions for the third-gen series. Most of the replacement gauges we sell are developed by Auto Meter for quality assurance.

If you’re in search of custom gauges, Top Flight Automotive is your source for complete instrument panel assemblies with LCD technology from Dakota Digital. Swap out the stock gauges for matching dials that illuminate blue or red based on your selection.

Third-Generation Mustang Glove Box Components

It’s easy to get into the habit of slamming a Mustang’s glove box. When your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glove box gives you trouble, turn to our site for useful technology, including Fox Body glove box bumpers. Solutions from Daniel Carpenter and Scott Drake soften the impact of the glove box door shutting and help keep your assembly from jamming or cracking.

Fox Body Mustang Interior Sound Deadeners

A powerful engine doesn’t have to translate to a noisy cabin. Make it easier to hear your music and talk with the passengers in your vehicle by integrating insulation and sound deadener kits made by Flatline Barriers.

Top Flight Automotive offers versatile solutions that prevent heat from travelling inside the cabin while keeping your engine’s roar under control. Enjoy a peel-and-stick fastening process inside your ride. Some Flatline Barriers kits ship with pre-cut materials intended for Fox Body ‘Stangs.

Purchase Fox Body Mustang Interiors From Our Catalog

Top Flight Automotive is the obvious choice for interior parts and accessories compatible with your Ford Mustang. You can find the custom Fox Body interiors you’re looking for made by dozens of international and domestic brands under our wing. Shop cabin parts and add-ons today!

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