C1 Aftermarket Corvette Parts & Upgrades - 1953-1962

C1 Aftermarket Corvette Parts & Upgrades

There are plenty of projects you can tackle to make a C1 (1953-1962) Corvette more impressive. With the right performance upgrades, you have the power to update old components under the hood, below your sports car and along the exterior. Trust Top Flight Automotive for the aftermarket technology you’ve been waiting for and take your ride to a new level.

First-Generation Corvette Performance Parts

You likely have an idea of systems and surfaces you’d like to change on your C1 ‘Vette. Top Flight Automotive is here to make your ambitions possible. Shop an enormous catalog of C1 Corvette performance components you can integrate without permanently modifying your 1950s or 1960s vehicle:

C1 Corvette Crankcase Ventilation Systems

A crankcase ventilation system helps to reduce pressure under the hood of a C1 Corvette by getting rid of blowby gases traveling through engine connections. Venting harmful gases before they get a chance to reenter the intake can aid in function and potentially prolong the life of your first-gen engine.

Top Flight Automotive sells C1 Corvette crankcase ventilation technology made by Eddie Motorsports. Use CNC-machined valve cover breathers with a polished or black finish. We stock C1 ventilation systems that modernize the appearance of the engine bay while helping to keep horsepower levels consistent.

C1 Exhaust Upgrades

Help your first-gen Corvette breathe without restrictions. Our catalog features exhaust upgrades from trusted manufacturers like Hooker, Granatelli, Auto Accessories of America and Design Engineering Inc. Incorporating an aftermarket exhaust header is one of the most popular upgrades to make on a C1 Corvette. Increase the flow of exhaust gases with a painted or unpainted Hooker exhaust header.

Keep your stock engine and reduce back-pressure by creating more room for gases to leave engine cylinders and travel through exhaust connections.

Upgrade Sensors for First-Gen Corvettes

Need to replace the throttle body sensors in your vehicle? Improve the reliability of oxygen sensors and prioritize safety with solutions by Auto Accessories of America and Fitech Fuel Injection. We stock the parts you need to change out numerous sensors and surrounding components, including clamps, coolant temperature sensors, throttle position sensors and spacers.

Our catalog also offers solutions for times when you notice your C1 engine experiencing problems.

Shop Online for C1 Corvette Performance Components

Take your first-generation Corvette to new heights with industry-leading performance parts from Top Flight Automotive. You can filter your search to see performance upgrades that will work on your submodel.

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