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Ford Mustang interiors are exposed to sunlight when you park your vehicle in the open. Want to block ultraviolet rays near the windshield? Top Flight Automotive sells a variety of sunshades and sun visors you can use to protect your seat upholsteries, dash surfaces and personal belongings.

Click through our Mustang accessories catalog to find options that match the contours of your vehicle’s window glass.

Mustang Sunshades and Visors From Optimal Brands

You need Ford Mustang sunshades and visors manufactured with durable materials for repeated use. Top Flight Automotive is your source for Mustang cabin accessories engineered by brands you can count on, like Covercraft and Scott Drake.

Our collection of Mustang windshield sunshades features multiple designs for your vehicle. Go with blank inserts for window glass or grab attention with tri-bar pony graphics that face outward. Our team hand-picks Mustang sunshades in different colors like blue metallic, brown, chrome, galaxy silver and white. Prevent the transfer of heat inside your vehicle to keep internal temperatures comfortable between stops.

Covercraft Mustang Sunshades for Sale

Top Flight Automotive sells a wide range of Mustang sunshades from Covercraft. Whether you’re trying to defend a 1965-1973 Classic Mustang or a muscle car from the latest S550 series, our site has you covered.

Choose Classic, Foxbody, SN95, New Edge, S197 and S550 sunshades that are made to fit your Mustang year and submodel. Many of the Covercraft sunshades we carry feature foam cores and multilayer laminate materials for maximum protection from heat and ultraviolet rays. Use interior accessories engineered to absorb heat rather than let your dash take a beating.

Covercraft Mustang sunshades are foldable for simple storage. Place the accessories behind your driver’s seat or in the trunk when you’re not using them. Covercraft sunshades are made to fit underneath your rearview mirror and can be removed in seconds when you’re ready to get behind the wheel.

Scott Drake Mustang Sunshades

With Top Flight Automotive, you can purchase stylish Mustang sunshades for the first-generation series. Choose a windshield accessory that will fit inside your 1965-1973 Ford Mustang cabin right out of the box.

Our catalog is home to attractive Classic Mustang sunshades by Scott Drake. Shop styles decked out with 1960s and 1970s graphics like running horses and Mustang lettering scripts.

Pick up Ford Mustang Sunshades and Visors Today

Prioritize the interior surfaces of a Ford Mustang for a vehicle that looks clean inside and out. Top Flight Automotive is passionate about connecting drivers to accessories that preserve retired ‘Stangs. Make the right choice for your sports car by purchasing sunshades and visors from our site.¬†

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