Chevrolet Corvette Gauges

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Chevrolet Corvette Gauges

Corvette instrument cluster gauges are essential to driving your vehicle. You’re constantly looking down at interior gauges to learn more about your engine’s performance. When something seems off with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gauges, Top Flight Automotive has the parts you need for repairs.

Browse our online gauge collection to find direct-fit parts upgrades. Whether you’re after a stock presentation or you want to change the colors and trims around the instrument panel, our catalog will help you make your vision a reality.

Industry-Leading Corvette Gauges

You need your Corvette instrument cluster gauges to be responsive and accurate. That means you need parts from reliable manufacturers.

At Top Flight Automotive, we stay up to date with the latest offerings for new and vintage Corvettes from leading manufacturers. We’re proud to sell replacement gauges designed by AutoMeter and FiTech Fuel Injection to help you see your vehicle’s engine outputs in real-time.

Our Catalog of Corvette Gauges

You need specific instrument cluster parts to complete your project. You can find these sought-after Chevy Corvette gauges in our catalog:

  • Automatic transmission temperature gauges 
  • Engine coolant temperature gauges
  • Engine oil pressure gauges
  • Fuel level gauges
  • Fuel pressure gauges
  • Replacement gauge sets
  • Speedometer gauges
  • Tachometer gauges
  • Voltmeter gauges

Corvette Replacement Fuel Level Gauges

Knowing how much fuel you have in the tank is essential anytime you’re behind the wheel. Drive your Corvette knowing you’ll be able to get from point A to point B without running on fumes.

Top Flight Automotive carries a range of replacement fuel level gauges for the sports cars enthusiasts love. Pick out a replacement gauge from AutoMeter with a black, white or checkered background that makes the dial easier to read. Find a compatible fuel level gauge that will work with C1 vehicles up to the C8 series.

Corvette Speedometer Replacement Gauges

Speed matters on the road and the race track. Shop our site when you need to fasten a new speedometer gauge inside your ride. We sell AutoMeter speedometer replacements that max out at 200 miles per hour. You can mount one inside your vehicle’s cabin without altering instrument cluster surfaces.

Corvette Tachometer Gauges

The tachometer on your Corvette’s instrument panel tells you how hard your engine is working to reach the desired output. Get a read on engine performance by reviewing the number of revolutions engine components make per minute from the driver’s seat.

Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to change out tachometers with user-friendly upgrades that fit inside your dash assembly. Our catalog is also home to mini tachometers you can mount on dash surfaces to keep the RPM dial at eye level.

Purchase Replacement Corvette Gauges Online

Make Top Flight Automotive the first site you visit for replacement parts. We only stock the components we’d use in our own sports cars.

Scroll through our Corvette gauge catalog online to find boost gauges, fuel pressure regulators and similar technology under one wing. 

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