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Corvette Disc Brakes

Sports car enthusiasts look to the Corvette brand for more than 60 years of innovation. With each release being different from the last, collectors and daily drivers require tailored solutions to guide restoration, customization and upgrade projects. At Top Flight Automotive, we’re passionate about all eight Corvette generations, and we offer a variety of braking system products to fit your make, model and year.

Our online store is always expanding with the latest in braking technology. We cater to your expectations and budget with listings from AC Delco, Auto Accessories of America, Baer Brake Systems and more.

Types of Brake Products We Offer

All Corvette braking system kits and components on our online store help you exceed factory specifications for effective braking. We encourage customers to filter results by vehicle generation to get a closer look at offerings compatible with your release. From front and rear Corvette brake parts to hardware bundles, we’ll set you up for success with merchandise in areas such as:

  • Corvette performance brakes: We carry performance brake kits for increasing response. Reduce unwanted noise with lightweight additions that effectively dissipate heat for your track applications. Performance installations resist brake fade for prolonged use.
  • Corvette disc brake conversion kits: Update C1 and C2 drum brake configurations with a modern disc brake system. Conversions help your vehicle react in wet conditions.
  • Corvette disc brake replacement parts: Swap out individual pieces as you see fit with access to disc brake calipers, mounting brackets, pins, rotors and beyond.

Maintain Corvette Braking Systems at Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive experts have over 175 years of combined experience to get you the brake parts you need for safe travel. Keep your classic or modern Corvette on the road for future generations by placing an order online today. If you have questions regarding compatibility, fill out a contact form at your earliest convenience.

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