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If you want to scoop a Corvette with plenty of power at a lower price point, the C4 series is perfect for you. Fourth-generation Corvettes hit the sports car scene back in 1984, and production extended into 1996 to spark the interest of racing fans worldwide. The C4 Corvette era has a lot to offer, with select releases providing over 230 horsepower in stock form.

Collectors and restoration enthusiasts turn to fourth-generation models for their sleek looks, aerodynamic features and Twin-Turbo engine builds, but it’s important to note that not all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components last forever. 

If your favorite vehicle is deteriorating, the Top Flight Automotive experts can connect you to C4 Corvette aftermarket parts and accessories that exceed the Chevy factory’s specifications. Restore the cabin and exterior surfaces with all the aftermarket components you need from a single source.

The Importance of the C4 Corvette Series

Fourth-generation Corvettes bridge the gap between two of the most iconic Corvette builds to date: the C3 and C5. During the 1980s, automakers focused on making sports cars lighter from the inside out, and the C4 Corvette is a product of this phenomenon. Engineers at Chevrolet designed the C4 with a uniframe chassis and a fiberglass monoleaf spring front suspension system to allow vehicles to cut through the air with as little drag as possible.

Restoring a C4 Corvette allows you to cherish a piece of automotive history, and fourth-generation releases are notable for several reasons:

  • Corvette convertible builds returned in 1986 after an 11-year gap.
  • Chevrolet dropped the Stingray name for a futuristic redesign.
  • C4 Corvettes received digital upgrades inside the cab, including liquid-crystal display (LCD) technology.
  • Chevrolet incorporated the pass-key anti-theft system in 1986.
  • 35th and 40th Anniversary packages became available to the public.

A Variety of C4 Corvette Parts and Accessories

Top Flight Automotive carries C4 Corvette products for all 1984-1996 releases. Our selection includes Collector’s editions, Anniversary packages, Grand Sport variants and ZR1 performance components. We know that finding the right parts for your Corvette can be challenging, so we have all selections organized by year to ensure you receive a correct fit.

Rebuild or restore your favorite ride to a factory-fresh state with our affordable C4 offerings. Whether you are shopping for yourself or the Corvette fan in your life, Top Flight Automotive C4 Corvette products are available in bestselling categories such as:

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Accessories

C4 Corvette accessories from Top Flight Automotive allow you to customize your vehicle beyond OEM specifications. Dress up your Corvette from the inside out with a wide range of technology for the cab. Our online store is home to light-emitting diode (LED) digital gauge panels, backup camera systems, and audio equipment specifically for fourth-generation Corvettes.

When your vehicle is in storage, protect your investment with one of our exterior car covers. It’s our goal to help you shield OEM and custom paint jobs from pollen, animals, tree saps and other potential hazards.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Aftermarket Brake Parts and Kits

Fourth-generation Corvettes can travel at speeds of 150 mph. Boost your level of control with brake upgrade kits and parts from companies like Baer Brake Systems. Top Flight Automotive stocks high-performance brake bundles with slotted rotors to help wheel connections stay cool when put to the test.

Replace your existing brake system for noticeable handling improvements. Select listings make it possible for you to incorporate calipers in red, black and silver to help your C4 stand out on your next adventure. We also have C4 stainless steel brake hoses and pads to help you respond to wear and tear.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Exterior Parts

Scratches, dings and dents appear when you least expect them. Luckily, Top Flight Automotive is your source for replacement hoods, doors, bumpers and trims that fasten without permanently modifying your vehicle. We introduce customers to lightweight, fiberglass C4 Corvette products that come in the color of your choice.

Reduce aerodynamic drag or completely change the look of your Corvette with complete body kits by American Custom Industries. Our professionals partner with reputable manufacturers in the industry so that you can mount rear wings and spoilers with fewer complications. Achieve the build you’ve always wanted when you browse C4 Corvette exterior parts online and have us ship your order right to your door!

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Interior Parts

You spend hours in your C4’s cabin when navigating the road and racetrack, so you need a comfortable space you can be proud of. Top Flight Automotive supplies C4 Corvette interior parts for your model year, so you can rejuvenate the cabin from front to back.

Our suppliers manufacture many of our interior products right here in the United States. Whether you’re searching for new seat covers or glove box mounting screws, we’ve got you covered. When you shop for C4 Corvette interior parts at Top Flight Automotive, our experts will show you compatible options for 1984-1996 Corvettes, including:

  • Leather and vinyl seat covers.
  • Seat foam upgrades.
  • Coupe and convertible carpet mat sets.
  • Inner door panels.
  • Replacement dash pads.
  • Steering wheels.
  • Seat belts.

1984-1996 C4 Corvette Aftermarket Performance Parts

Top Flight Automotive wants to make the fast even faster with an expanding collection of C4 Corvette performance parts online. Swap out exterior body sections, create the exhaust sound of your dreams and increase airflow to the engine compartment without relying on guesswork.

Our staff loves to hear about Corvettes from the past and present era. Reach out to us during our hours of operation, and we’ll explain some common upgrades available for your C4 Corvette. Shop world-class performance products from brands like these:

  • American Car Craft®
  • Auto Accessories of America
  • Borla®
  • Flowmaster
  • Hawk Performance
  • K&N®
  • Sweet Thunder

We’re Your Premier Source for C4 Corvette Parts

The Top Flight Automotive sales team speaks fluent Corvette. We use 175 years of combined industry experience to recommend C4 Corvette products that keep your vehicle in pristine operating condition. It’s our mission to ensure your restoration project stays on schedule, so most orders ship out the same day of purchase.

Our company is proud to mention that we have a strong connection with the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, serving Corvette collectors for four decades. Purchase your C4 Corvette parts and submit a contact form for further information about component specifications and compatibility.

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