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Your Corvette lets you know when something is off. From the engine compartment to the tires, sensors across your vehicle keep you safe and well-informed behind the wheel. If your wheels and tires give you trouble, check out the replacement sensors available from Top Flight Automotive.

We help you keep your Corvette working properly with international and domestic components intended for maintenance projects.

Tire Sensors and Electronics by Familiar Brands

Sensors are rarely one-size-fits-all components. Your vehicle requires model-specific technology to keep systems working as Chevrolet intended.

Top Flight Automotive keeps an eye on new technology from well-known manufacturers worldwide. Choose tire pressure monitoring system sensors and surrounding electronics from ACDelco, Auto Accessories of America, Corvette America, GM and LG MotorSports.

What Tire Pressure Technology Is Available?

Top Flight Automotive wants you to have options for Corvette sensors, components and hardware. Every repair and upgrade is unique, so your repair or maintenance project’s needs will likely differ from another driver visiting our site. We’re passionate about helping you find everything you need, so we’ve stocked our inventory with these solutions for your tire pressure monitoring:

  • Removal kits
  • Receiver nuts
  • Sensors
  • Stem caps
  • Stem seals

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Removal Kits

Some drivers with newer Corvettes like turning the tire pressure monitoring system off to start vehicles up with active handling and traction control functions disabled. You might be interested in this practice if your vehicle’s track wheels and tires lead the tire pressure sensor to trigger lights on the dash.

Use a tire pressure monitoring system removal kit by LG MotorSports for your C6 Corvette. Visit the track without distracting lights across your instrument cluster.

Corvette Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Replacements

Notice a malfunctioning sensor on your Chevy Corvette? Top Flight Automotive sells the replacement sensors necessary to replace it. We carry bolt-on technology from Auto Accessories of America that integrates inside your wheel assemblies and goes unnoticed on your sports car.

You can add replacement tire pressure monitoring system sensors to the base, Z06, ZR1, Stingray and Grand Sport Corvettes from the C5 through C8 generations.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Valve Stem Caps

Look after your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system with protective valve stem caps from our catalog. We carry tire pressure indicator sensor caps from General Motors, so you know your selections will work on your Corvette model. Work on vehicles from the past, including the 1997-2004 C5 ‘Vettes.

Our inventory features tire pressure monitoring system valve stem caps that are identical to your stock equipment.

Keep Top Flight Automotive in Mind for Corvette Sensor Upgrades

Top Flight Automotive is dedicated to serving our customers with highly rated parts produced around the globe. From the thousands of solutions available in our catalog to unparalleled customer support, we create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for Corvette enthusiasts like you.

Take a look around our site for diverse parts organized by category. When you shop with us, you can purchase the tire pressure monitoring solutions you need for your vehicle in minutes!

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