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Chevrolet Corvette Keys and Locks

Your Corvette could be a target for thieves. It’s best to stay prepared when driving your car in new locations, so turn to Top Flight Automotive for Corvette locks and keys. Keep the spare tire secure — our catalog is stocked with replacement lock assemblies and hardware.

Shop upgrades for your vehicle by CA and Auto Accessories of America.

Locks for Different Corvette Generations

Our site is your source for replacement keys and locks for C2 (1963-1967) and C3 (1968-1982) Corvettes. The parts in our catalog are designed to resemble original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology closely. You can purchase keys and locks for your ‘Vette that line up with the stock mounting holes and are similar in color — only you will know the assemblies on your vehicle are from a brand other than Chevrolet.

Park your vehicle somewhere new knowing the locking mechanisms work as they should. Some of the spare tire locks we sell feature officially licensed General Motors logos.

Spare Tire Lock and Key Kits Online

Prevent anyone from taking the spare tire off of your second- or third-generation ‘Vette. Top Flight Automotive helps you keep your vehicle safe with spare tire locks and keys for your Corvette model. The solutions we sell from Auto Accessories of America and Corvette America are engineered to fit over lug nuts and stop thieves from removing the spare wheel assembly from your vehicle.

Corvette Spare Tire Lock Dustcovers for Sale

Look after your spare wheel assembly using lock dustcovers from the Top Flight Automotive site.

Spare tire lock dustcovers made by CA fit around the entire wheel lock assembly to help shield the technology from dirt and moisture. Choose lock dustcovers compatible with all base models as well as the 25th Anniversary and 1982 Collector’s Edition ‘Vettes.

Tire lock dustcovers come in black to complement the rest of your spare tire setup and hide dirt.

Spare Tire Bolt Kits Available

When you’re unable to mount your Corvette’s spare tire, turn to Top Flight Automotive for replacement bolt kits and get the job done correctly. You can purchase spare tire locking bolts, brackets and nuts for the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Corvettes.

Top Flight Automotive offers spare tire bolt kits in different lengths to follow the changes between generations. This is the easiest way to mount your Corvette’s spare tire with zero guesswork. Check out the descriptions on our site to see kits compatible with standard, redline and goldline tires.

Want to keep your spare tire ready for action? Check out Top Flight Automotive’s collection of individual hardware pieces. We enable you to replace just the hardware components you’re missing down the road, including spare tire lock bolt spacers and bolt pins for a stable ride.

Look Through Corvette Keys and Locks With Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is an authority in the Corvette world. We believe in supplying customers with premier parts and accessories from multiple brands for repair and restoration success. Feel free to talk to us about your projects if you have any questions — one of our experts will suggest solutions for your ride. We’ll also ship virtually anywhere in the U.S. and internationally to support you. Add the Corvette keys and locks you want to your cart and check out online today!

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