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Chevrolet Corvette Jacks and Supports

Lifting your sports car is necessary for some projects, from working on your exhaust system to changing a tire or fastening aftermarket accessories. The job is more efficient with model-specific tools. Turn to Top Flight Automotive when you need Corvette jack pads and pucks for your ride.

Lifting and Towing Equipment for Your Vehicle

The need for Corvette jack pads presents itself out of nowhere. Maybe your ‘Vette is giving you trouble and you need to complete a repair underneath it, or maybe you’ve gotten some sudden inspiration for customization work. Whatever project you have in mind, Top Flight Automotive offers the C1-C8 jack pads and pucks you need to raise your car without damaging it.

Corvette jack pads and pucks are compact and easy to store or mount. Keep these maintenance accessories in the trunk of your vehicle or inside your workspace to tackle jobs as they come up. Our catalog features parts from reliable manufacturers like ZL1 Addons, CA, Tuff Stuff Performance and Auto Accessories of America.

About Corvette Jack Pads and Pucks for Sale

Lifting your Chevy Corvette incorrectly can cause irreversible damage to the frame. The Corvette jack pads and pucks we carry are designed to pair with hydraulic floor jacks and reduce the chances of denting, scuffing or warping the fiberglass and metal surfaces across your sports car.

Using four pads or pucks together is the best way to accommodate the weight of your Corvette. These accessories fit below the front and rear surfaces of your vehicle to increase confidence during DIY jobs. Top Flight Automotive offers Corvette jack pads and pucks individually and in four-piece kits.

Rubber and Urethane Corvette Jack Lifting Pucks

Pick up rubber or urethane Corvette lifting pucks that lock or bolt into place. You can leave these lightweight accessories fastened to your ‘Vette between uses. Solutions developed by CA and Auto Accessories of America provide a universal fit with most jacks, lowering your risk of accidentally bending your frame rails or side skirts.

Metal Corvette Lifting Pucks

Find removable Corvette lifting pucks made with aluminum and steel. Most of the metal lifting solutions we sell are made for the 1997 C5 models forward. Decide on lifting pucks with blue, red or silver finishes. Check compatibility details for the best fit.

Use Jack Pads and Pucks From Top Flight Automotive

It’s crucial to use lifting equipment made for your ‘Vette. With Top Flight Automotive, choosing jack pads and pucks engineered for your Corvette’s frame takes seconds. We sell a variety of solutions from brands known worldwide and offer a loyalty program to make sure you get the best value for parts and accessories.

Make the right decision for your project by finding parts with Top Flight Automotive. Shop our catalog of jack pads and pucks online today!

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