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Chevrolet Corvette Retro Fuel Injection

Maintaining the fuel injection system on your Chevy Corvette is key to conserving gas and operating at consistent power. Drivers rely on fuel injectors to spray gasoline inside the combustion chamber at the right moments to help the engine respond with each acceleration.

Chevrolet introduced fuel injection equipment to Corvettes in 1957, which means many retired vehicles feature technology from decades ago. Restore your setup with retro fuel injection solutions from Top Flight Automotive.

Rebuild Your Corvette’s Fuel Injection System

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand Corvettes inside and out. We also know which fuel injection parts on the market are worth the time and money. We stock solutions from leading manufacturers like Vararam, MSD, Lingenfelter, Holley and Auto Accessories of America. Available replacement parts for your Corvette’s fuel injection system include:

  • Accelerometers
  • Computer chip programmers
  • Distributors
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor kits
  • Fuel hose kits
  • Fuel injection conversion kits
  • Fuel injection harnesses
  • Fuel injection throttle bodies
  • Fuel injection throttle body flanges
  • Idle air control valves
  • Ignition coils
  • Ignition harnesses
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Turbocharger boost solenoids

Corvette Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Sensor Kits

Stay in the know about the temperature of exhaust gases at each cylinder. Our catalog features aftermarket technology from Holley that you can integrate into any Corvette model. Use a plug-and-play EGT kit to determine whether your vehicle’s fuel injectors are running properly. EGT sensor kits are also effective when it comes to recognizing ignition misfires and picking up on components that are overheating.

Corvette Fuel Injection Throttle Body Injection Kits

Work on your Corvette’s fuel injection system with throttle body injection kits that come with replacement throttle bodies, power modules, programmers, sensors and harnesses. Create an air vacuum with everything you’ll need to service and improve the fuel injection setup on first- through eighth-gen ‘Vettes.

We recommend MSD fuel-injection throttle body kits when you’re trying to make multiple changes to the system. We also sell Corvette throttle body assemblies and flanges individually to help you move forward with your restoration or upgrade job however you see fit.

Idle Air Control Valves for Your Chevy Corvette

The idle air control valve on your Corvette controls the speed at which the engine rotates when idling. You need this small device to keep your sports car running without stalling. Idle air control valves also make it possible for a Corvette to move after the clutch or brake pedal is released.

Purchase a replacement air control valve for your vehicle from Top Flight Automotive. We’re here for your Corvette with direct-fit technology that lives up to the specifications of stock parts from Chevy. Choose parts from trusted manufacturers to look out for your sports car’s engine long-term.

Shop Corvette Fuel Injection Technology Online

Shopping the Top Flight Automotive catalog for fuel injection technology is the first step in your repair or restoration project. We’re your source for reproduction and replacement components you can count on. Browse the collection and place your order today for fast shipping!

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