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Corvette Custom-Painted Performance

Whether you want to save fuel or make your Corvette glide down the road more easily, Top Flight Automotive is your source for custom-painted performance components. Create a bold statement behind the wheel using custom-painted offerings for the engine compartment and outside surfaces of your car.

Custom-Painted Performance Components in Demand

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand the desire to make a Chevy Corvette stand out. Your vehicle is a blank canvas. Our experts supply you with the colorful aftermarket performance upgrades needed to update your coupe or convertible. Match the surrounding surfaces of your sports car or create a custom look using items in our inventory:

  • Alternator covers
  • Engine bay cap covers
  • Fender covers
  • Lower heat extractor covers
  • Power steering reservoir covers
  • Radiator covers
  • Rear shock tower covers
  • Throttle body covers

Engine Bay Cap Covers With Custom Paint

Keep the engine compartment clean with custom-painted engine bay cap covers for C5 (1997-2004) Corvettes. Top Flight Automotive offers you solutions by AMT Custom Designs that fit over washer fluid, brake fluid, coolant and oil intakes.

Lift open the hood of your Corvette to see custom-painted cap covers in your choice of color:

  • Anniversary Red
  • Arctic White
  • Black
  • Carbon Flash
  • Bowling Green
  • Electron Blue
  • Machine Silver
  • Majestic Amethyst
  • Spiral Gray
  • Millennium Yellow
  • Light Pewter
  • Sebring Silver

Custom-Painted Performance Fenders for Corvettes

Choose a new fender style for your fifth-generation C5 Corvette. The custom-painted inner fender covers available through our site come in all memorable shades from the fifth-gen era. Attach covers directly over inner fender sections for upgrades that appear as if they came on your sports car originally — or fasten subtle fender accessories that will help you pick out your Corvette from a crowd.

Painted Power Steering Reservoir Covers

Top Flight Automotive enables you to update the look of your Corvette’s power steering cover. Search our site to find AMT Custom Designs steering reservoir covers that protect the part of the engine bay you rely on for power steering fluid. Select a vibrant reservoir cover to see something special each time you lift the hood to work on your vehicle or show off the engine components.

Why Choose Custom-Painted Performance Accessories From Top Flight Automotive?

The custom-painted performance add-ons we sell allow you to see your ride from a new perspective. Our experts work hard to supply you with accessories showing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) colors for a cohesive look across your Corvette. Go with a stock look or choose a contrasting color scheme to draw attention instantly.

We offer custom-painted performance accessories with a UV-protected finish for lasting style.

Shop Custom-Painted Corvette Performance Accessories Online

Top Flight Automotive is proud to offer superior customer service, an ever-expanding portfolio of customization parts and accessories, and recommendations to guide you through projects. From valve and fuel rail covers to custom Corvette engine parts and add-ons, our site has it all.

Purchase custom-painted engine compartment covers and exterior performance items today!

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